Hey, I know it's easy to defend your friends because that's what friends do, right?

Consider this: dare to be critical of your friends.

Call each other out, but also call in. Not everything has to be a public spectacle. We can have conversations without the eyes of everyone.

It's hard, conflict and confrontation is painful.

I have more words on this, but I'm very low on energy.

What I'm trying to say is: please don't be uncritical of your friends.

And remember that you can have the conversations alone, or in small groups off the public timelines.

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The next question is, which maybe we can solve together: how do you issue apologies, that aren't for the public?
Where's the line for block evasion when you want to send a proper apology?

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Can we ever negotiate truce? Between groups that just don't like each other?

If you're already blocking each other, why do you keep talking about each other like you're both block evading?
(using you both as a plural, not binary)

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(yes I had people call in to me about this subject too, and that's cool 😎)

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