Techbros talking up the fedi: Come to the fedi, it's moderated by real people and not like the corporate social media hellscape!
Techbros when Black people talk about how racist the fedi is: Oh well, we can't moderate everything, have you tried blocking? 🤷‍♂️

Really? I mean, really?

Hey news flash shitheads, blocking works on Twitter too. The fedi has SHIT to recommend itself over corporate social media if it insists on being an unmoderated hellhole where we don't give a shit for minorities.

"Come to the fedi for slower servers, unbridled racism, and 32664851 tech buds whitesplaining how your being harassed by racists is your own damned fault for not knowing how to use the block button!"


It's just so *interesting* that people were so fired up at the idea of a social media platform they could moderate and shape, but lose that energy so quickly once they realize they might have to take the effort for Black people.

@ljwrites legit when I wanted to join another mastodon instance (mastodon dot social is ass) I kept looking and looking and fucking found freeze peach instances, poast (on which I've gotten greeted by the hard r) and some other awfully racist and bigoted instances.

At least the corporate birdsite has a SEMBLANCE of a moderation.

@kycm_ancy uh-huh, outside the better-moderated parts of the fedi things are absolutely wild, unfettered racism, hate speech, and downright terrifying, disgusting content. And it's not easy for newcomers to tell which is which.

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