Still chuckling about how the novel Lord of the Flies was specifically a critique of BRITISH imperialism and the violence that society instilled from childhood on, and has nothing to do with so-called "human nature."

When a group of real-life Tongan teenagers were stranded on an island and had to fend for themselves in a very similar scenario, what did they do? They built houses, a badminton court, and a gym, planted gardens, set up a rotating watch for passing ships, and peacefully resolved disputes until they were rescued 15 months later. Violent human nature my ass.

@ljwrites Not so much a criticism of imperalism as just a really terrible book.

@ljwrites It's nothing but badly written misanthropy. All sorts of things don't add up (eg Piggy is short-sighted, so his glasses would have diverging lenses - you couldn't light a fire with them). The climax relies on diabolus ex machina, and the ending follows it up with deus ex machina. I did a demolition job on the wretched book in my GCSE English Literature exam and got an A.


@PeteBleackley Good for you. I wasn't particularly trying to say it's a good book, though (I haven't read it so I can't say), only that from its authorial intent/background it doesn't say anything about "human nature" as people try to claim.

@ljwrites the authorial intent, as far as I can make out, is a sadistic English teacher who hated his pupils giving other sadistic English teachers something to torture their pupils with.

@PeteBleackley while his dislike of The Coral Island, which he was writing in response to, shows that he just hated schoolboys having a good time right?

@ljwrites Possibly. Anyway, I had to read it at school, and if you haven't, I would strongly advise you to spare yourself the misery

@PeteBleackley Wasn't even planning to, like oh my God why are you so obsessed with hating this book enough to rant in strangers' mentions, annoying internet person! Go away and be unpleasant elsewhere.

@ljwrites It was a set text for an exam, so I had no choice but to slog through a book I hated. That still sets me off decades later.

Thank goodness that the other set text was Twelfth Night.

@PeteBleackley And someone dared to talk on the internet about it, so you decided they deserved to be miserable, too. Set up a filter or just block/mute or something. Like dude.

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