Still chuckling about how the novel Lord of the Flies was specifically a critique of BRITISH imperialism and the violence that society instilled from childhood on, and has nothing to do with so-called "human nature."

When a group of real-life Tongan teenagers were stranded on an island and had to fend for themselves in a very similar scenario, what did they do? They built houses, a badminton court, and a gym, planted gardens, set up a rotating watch for passing ships, and peacefully resolved disputes until they were rescued 15 months later. Violent human nature my ass.

@ljwrites Stuff like this is why i think a lot of the literature they have you read in school is kind of lost on people? because without the context you get entirely different messages

@Hearth @ljwrites Kinda validates something I’ve been saying since I was in high school and didn’t know shit: Schools routinely ruin books by assigning them to be read.

@benhamill @ljwrites I honestly think we (as a kid) found more of the literary merit they were trying to teach us to see in video games than we did in the books they assigned us to read

(that could be down to our taste in video games though. stuff like tales of symphonia and final fantasy 9, at the time)


@Hearth @benhamill Makes perfect sense, video games are contemporary works with a context that is known and meaningful to us. There's often a ton of thought that goes into the themes and story beats, with that participatory and interactive aspect to heighten engagement. I honestly think games should be a bigger part of literature and reading/media classes--I think kids would have some really amazing discussions while learning and thinking about critical media consumption.

@ljwrites @benhamill i agree entirely, though i worry what the effect might be of having them as required reading

@Hearth @ljwrites At least here, I feel like teachers’ lack of input on the reading lists (or playing lists?) is a big contributing factor. If classes were “interact with this thing and then discuss what you thought with the teacher and your peers” I think it would be a lot better. But I think it requires more engagement with the work from teachers (who, frankly, aren’t paid enough for that shit) and more freedom for them.

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