Men in dresses and makeup are manly as fuck. Enbys in miles of lace and satin are not women, while women (especially trans women!) in torn jeans and steel-toed boots are the height of womanhood because guess what? Presentation is not gender.

@ljwrites And in presentation, makeup can actually even enhance the manly aesthetic if used right imo

@SigmaOne I totally agree that makeup lends itself to a wide range of presentation. My point though is more that whatever the presentation, even if it's an aesthetic conventionally thought to be feminine, it's still manly if the person wearing it is a man.

@ljwrites That is true, and like, "manly" isn't a great word to use for the aesthetic side but I couldn't think of a better term

@SigmaOne maybe "conventionally thought of as masculine" or similar? Or maybe terms like "metal" or "hardcore," if you want to present the aesthetics in a more gender-neutral way.

@ljwrites Eh, I don't feel like "metal" or "hardcore" really fits, but the "conventionally masculine" works I guess

@ljwrites I passed a large group of teens from a summer camp alighting from a bus the other day, and one of the attending adults had a bushy beard and a hairy chest and wore a short neon orange tutu dress. A great look on them! (all the adults were wearing neon orange somewhere on their person, the better to identify them I suppose)

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