Also, it's very smelly to demand proof of racism as if this issue hasn't been around for years in this space, and said proof provided becomes the mechanism that shifts the goal posts. Anything to delay reckoning with antiblackness in white queer spaces.

Ok babes. What shields ppl is that there's not many Black/PoC (not talking abt white passing bc that is a different dynamic) on here

But those of us that *are* here do engage w eachother on this subject. You're not privy to the convo

Lastly, calling instances that are primarily moderated or full on ran by mostly queer PoC queerphobic???.... is very telling
racialized misogyny/homophobia rolled up into one


@CaribenxMarciaX This erasure of QPOC was so angering back in the PV days and it's STILL ongoing, wtf

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