If the lesson someone learns out of their marginalization is not "our oppressions are all intertwined and we have to join together for any of us to have a future" but rather, "why is my special and superior self being treated like these unworthy outgroups who are totally whiners and fakers about their oppression unlike meeee?!" I have nothing but contempt for these would-be masters.

Special stink eye to Asians/AsAms who buy into the Best Imperial Subjects/Model Minority bullcrap

(White people don't interact with this one. Interacting with and boosting op above is fine, but leave 2p to be intracommunity among POC--the white gaze does not help us in taking out our own trash)


Any call for liberation without intersectionality is a call for a new group of masters, the dream of the second and third tiers of privilege to join in the top echelons. It is always bullshit. Feminism without intersectionality gave us white supremacist, classist/corporate, and trans-exclusionary feminism. Queer liberation without intersectionality resulted in white supremacist queer spaces and movements. Anticolonialism without intersectionality became neocolonialism. Accept nothing but full solidarity. Fuck the fuck off with baby steps, patience, and trickle-down justice. If you're not for liberation for all you're only another master-in-waiting and a user, fuck you.

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