fediblock, eris from disqordia 

if you need some proof that eris is a unpleasant individual --- make your own choices whether this is worthy, but note that i know some instances defederated from disqordia due to the below, among other things:

this thread is cached correctly here, on the external server, but eris' original toots were lost when the old disqordia instance went down

cybre.space/@DangerDyke/108595 (top of thread at jubi.life/@sixthhokage95/10859)

fediblock, eris from disqordia 

the below is a further toot from eris from the same day, showcasing the kind of garbled nonsense that comes out of eris when criticised

this is the original link, again it's now dead due to the instance deletion, but the link can still be used to search for the original toot where instances have retained a local copy:

fediblock, eris from disqordia 

more recently, here's what happens when eris gets annoyed over my callout of a user (rage.love/@puf/108806514088155) who claims that ubuntu.buzz, a black-led instance, blocks external users for being white.

i added a toot to the above linked thread mentioning that quote "ubuntu is an african philosophy whose name was used by linux people for an operating system"

here's how eris responds to that: (cw: encouraging my suicide)
link to this screenshotted post: akko.disqordia.space/objects/0

fediblock, eris from disqordia 

furthermore, eris seems to think white people such as myself can't engage in antiracism, which is a... depressing viewpoint. eris posts an an actual toot of mine (left), and an image that eris pretends is of me (right).

this is the kind of pushback i receive when i call out antiblackness on the fedi as a white person. if you're not black, consider how much worse it is when black people call antiblackness out. the history of the fedi is one of violence towards black people, and very little solidarity with them.


fediblock, eris from disqordia, mention of call for suicide 

it's also worth noting that eris has done as much as they can as an admin to make it difficult for people to see what has recently happened: turning something off in their server to stop showing threads properly, and more recently hiding everything, because presumably their admin advocating my suicide is acceptable, by my criticism of them is not. 🤡 they're running and hiding now

here's a comparison of when you access the url in the previous toot (akko.disqordia.space/notice/AM) through the internet directly, vs when you search for the url through a fediverse instance:

fediblock, eris from disqordia, mention of violence 

anyway, some more nonsense from eris:

fediblock, eris from disqordia 

here's eris in their finest, desperately trying to put words in my mouth in an effort to save face.

it's also interesting to note that eris it trying to play the victim card re: my supposed transmisogyny, as a way to redirect from the actual conversation at hand. i recall this happening when the black folks on the old playvicious instance were being targetted: pv folks' pushback against racism was painted as some form of queerphobia, and then the perpetrators of racism could claim that in fact, they, the perpetrators, were the victims. see here (rage.love/@puf/108806573281122) for me briefly calling out the principle of this behaviour recently

as to the attempt from eris at trying to say i believe italians are the victims of antiblack racism, the original thread with full context is here (meow.social/@PetrichorSquirrel) and i have already clarified my points made in the original post here (full clarification thread without my posts here snowdin.town/notice/AMWwAjIMOk and my three individual clarification posts from the same thread here #1 rage.love/@puf/108829094649746 #2 rage.love/@puf/108829158029874 and #3 rage.love/web/@puf/10882917866 )

i'm happy to discuss this take about racism and how it permeates the fedi, and affects the way people engage with other cultures.

text from eris' post (1/2) 

# fediblock puf @ rage.love

This weird person has been stalking me for 4 days now and is absolutely obsessed to an unhealthy and pathetic level.

Not only are they white and claiming racism when it's not their place to do so, but they do so from really basic and unracist things. Their current fediblock claim is that because I assumed that an instance called "ubuntu.buzz" was about the Ubuntu Linux distro, I must be anti-black. It's obvious they just hate trans women and looking for ways to score brownie points with their 0 black friends.

I made it clear within seconds in reply that the instance wasn't referring to the distro, and what could have been a reply correcting me was made a fediblock post blown out of proportion. The reason why they couldn't just reply and have a basic conversation with me is because their instance blocks me anyway, which means this person had to go out of their way to my page to stalk my posts which is highly inappropriate. Your instance should know better that if you wish to dissociate from an account, you don't then continue to obsess like a kiwifarmer.

text from eris' post (2/2) 

They then moved onto digging up old posts and throwing a fit about the first screenshot, which is copypasta and not a serious post. I get they're not into humor and exist online only to make everyone else miserable, but moving on.

The second image they claim that Italians are the victims of anti-black racism. Italians are white. Not only does this throw any notion of anti-racism they had out the window, it appropriates anti-black racism to... pasta jokes aimed at white people. Showing they know nothing of anti-black racism whatsoever, showing that their claims and opinions are not based on relation to any black people, and showing that their witch hunt of me is (excuse the pun) baseless.

Next time try to fuck with someone else, you pathetic dipshit. If you have serious criticisms of my posts, since you can't reach out, consider keeping them to yourself and minding your own business, you weird creep.

end quote
eris' post then ends with some images of my toots, the first mentioning a copypasta that ridicules the word "based", and the second being my comments on ridiculing italians and its potential links to antiblackness on the fedi. the posts are linked here:
and rage.love/@puf/108817947777359

re: fediblock 


we are exploring a concept here, that's why it's a general statement. it's not disrespectful towards you, eris & co, cause it's not directed at you specifically. it's a general comment, and worded to reflect that. intersections of marginalisation can cause different behaviours or routes for problems to manifest. in the screenshotted post, i explore that. it's not directed at anyone specifically, you're assuming it's about you.

re: fediblock 


happy to clarify! following my fediblock post of root@moth.zone (rage.love/@puf/108806514088155 ), a very experienced fedi user with a history of being targetted with racism, tipped me off that a lot of people in eris' circle are antiblack, which led me to investigate their group. the fedi has a long history of antiblackness and violence against black users (i've already said this rage.love/@puf/108829722808497) and so it's important that the remaining black users on here don't have to deal with the frequent and casual antiblackness found on the fedi. white apathy is complacency, so i'm being proactive.

my being tipped off that eris is antiblack was the same point eris started ridiculing my fediblock of root@moth.zone, which is not a good start, but did mean eris seems to think / has constructed the idea that they are, in my eyes, racist for briefly misunderstanding the meaning behind the name of the instance ubuntu.buzz. that is not my issue at all, it's of eris' creation.

i maintain that eris is antiblack though, which i'll get to in the next toot:

re: fediblock 

appropriation of black culture e.g. AAVE is very common on the internet and the fedi is no different. at this point, as someone with years of experience on the fedi, i can say the usage of language taken from black people is *incredibly* common here. and many black folks left the fedi or moved to more private accounts because of having to deal with constant antiblackness.

eris doesn't just use aave unintentionally --- this of course would be understandable in an environment so inundated with usage of words and phrases taken from black people and used out of the original context by non-black people. eris is aware of the roots of the words they use, and still, consciously and intentionally, decide to use the words and phrases.

if you scroll eris' profiles you'll see frequent posts along the lines of "admins be like *blocks people*" [my words, to illustrate] or casual usage of "based" etc etc. you'll see eris claim being respectful of, and not appropriating, black culture is "stupid as fuck" (2nd image at rage.love/@puf/108829412633265) and you'll see eris ignoring the advice of the few black people still on the fedi and then, having ignored this advice, claiming "Where's the racism? It's not like I'm dismissing the possibility for lack of receipts" (akko.disqordia.space/objects/d) ...

re: fediblock 

and in addition to all this, they are doubling down on lies eris themselves has made up that makes them look better, when the lies (stuff about misunderstanding the origin of the name ubuntu.buzz) are not even the reason for my recent criticism of eris --- that was a general comment to remind people that the name of the instance is not about an operating system, it's entirely irrelevant to eris' antiblackness. i only targeted eris once tipped off, and once eris jumped to protect root. eris ridiculed my post here (rage.love/@puf/108806514088155) in a screenshot dunk, which, ironically, is another example of eris being antiblack and supporting antiblackness. more recently, they've also posted things like "anyone wanna have drama rn I'm bored" (akko.disqordia.space/objects/4) and one of their responses to my callout is to change their profile name to "eris the based", so they're clearly acting in bad faith. this kind of stuff is also a common trend - on eris' old profile (now offline, though still cached and viewable on some instances) from my brief look they were repeatedly getting into fights with people for at least the last year, and repeatedly behaving in similar ways to those i've outlined above, such as complaining about people saying they shouldn't appropriate black language.

re: fediblock 

i have no interest in harassing eris --- i am documenting the issues, providing sources, and linking current events to historic behaviour. plenty of people interact with and like eris and their friend circle is active. the best outcome here is for eris and friends to be understand the criticism offered here, and be more mindful and respectful when it comes to black culture / language, and stop appropriating it. that's what it boils down to.

i've made my fair share of mistakes on the fedi, been called out at times when i messed up, and learned hugely by interacting with and listening to antiracist people here, sometimes, (unfortunately) at their expense.

making mistakes is a fact of life. but learning to have a mindset that can appreciate when you mess up, and learn, so you don't repeat the mistake and continue to harm people? that's a vital skill for being a caring human.

doubling down on racism never helps.

re: fediblock 

tagging this with again, apologies to instance admins for bumping this thread back into the tag, but it's important to have context when you see and try to interpret the attempts to get ragelove blocked already cluttering the tag. this thread should be useful.

re: fediblock 


"it's that sophisticated antiracist progressive posture that makes it so hard to go against in those circles without being accused of being a pleroma anime pfp 4chan pepe nazi"

gosh, wouldn't want to, maybe, give up racism, eh? :blob_grimace:

re: fediblock 

@puf "Everybody i ever seen so far that dislikes eris is bcos they can't understand jokes" this is literal 4chan bs, 'can't take a joke' bs.

re: fediblock 

@ljwrites yup! wild eh

re: fediblock 

@puf @ljwrites What I don't get is... why don't they just go back to 4chan? Why be so fucking anti-black and anti-indigenous here too? Idgi


re: fediblock 

@oya @puf I'm going to guess a sizable part of white queer fedi don't/can't go to the usual alt-right spaces because these places are too hostile to them. Except instead of examining and dismantling the systemic violence that made a lot of online spaces so toxic to them, the main problem they found with those spaces was that THEY weren't the in-group who could treat others like shit. Now that they're in a queer-friendly space they have a shot at being the top of the ladder kicking everyone else in the face, a position they feel they deserve. Happens a lot with white folks who are marginalized along some other axis, unfortunately.

re: fediblock 

@ljwrites @oya that's probably a decent point, yeah. it's "i should be free" not "all oppression is bad", and with general helpings of whiteness

re: fediblock 

@puf @oya I mean just historically and presently, when you think of the sheer frequency with which the right to be racist without interference has been invoked as an article of (white people's) freedom... 😬

re: fediblock 

@ljwrites@rage.love @oya@ubuntu.buzz @puf@rage.love This is a beautiful summation. I was shocked when I ran PV at how much raw hate we got from alleged queer spaces.

It seems like we’d be natural allies but whiteness has a choke hold on a lot people's core identity.

re: fediblock 

@Are0h @ljwrites @oya @puf i wonder if theres an opportunity here for non-black admins/mods to coordinate a consistent approach against racist behaviors?

my systems been training in a lot of conflict resolution and deescalation so im wondering if we can help address it. i get that some ppl are just too far gone and cant imagine changing their ways, im thinking more about future incidents where we can have more of a sitdown with other white ppl to educate.

re: fediblock 

@maddoxjacobs I think that could be an effective idea in some cases, especially if the admins are someone the problem actors know and like. Maybe a form of social influencing.

re: fediblock 

@ljwrites @oya @puf

I saw so many TERFs behave like this, too. Back in the bad old days before the acronym really existed. :(

re: fediblock 

@xenophora @oya @puf yup and in fact I make direct reference to them in the thread that spun off from this comment: rage.love/@ljwrites/1088444962

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