parable about mutual aid/charity, animal death 

The Taoist sage Zhuangzi had nothing to eat and went to his friend, a public official, to borrow a little money. The friend, not wanting to refuse outright, told Zhuangzi he could lend a much larger sum of money in two or three days when the tax revenue was in, and that the sage should come back then.

Zhuangzi, who was starving, replied with a sarcastic parable known as 涸轍鮒魚 (carp in the dried rut): On the way to his friend's, he came across a fish gasping in a drying puddle formed by a wheel rut. The fish asked for a few cups of water because it was dying. Not wishing to take the effort, Zhuangzi told the fish that in two or three days' time he would be leaving for an expedition to the South where he would bring the fish quantities of fresh water from the river. Said the fish, "I can live on a few cups of water now, yet you tell me to wait. Why don't you come find my body at the dried goods store?" Whereupon it took its last breath.

Now imagine Zhuangzi's friend as one of those people who say direct aid is pointless because The Revolution or structural change is the only real solution :blobcatgiggle:

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