Debunking "severe autism," ableism, suicide, mental & physical health 

"Autistic people who are labeled as severe are immediately dehumanized and their potential is misunderstood or overlooked. Complex medical conditions causing pain, seizures, OCD, or widespread inflammation are treated as behavioral. Motor planning and disinhibition are treated like intellectual disability.

"Conversely, those who have fluent speech have their support needs ignored— a truth that leads to unemployment, arrests, homelessness, addiction, PTSD, and astronomically high suicide rates. If they are 'mild,' they must not have real needs.

"This false binary means that any autistic person with the access to communicate with words gets painted as not understanding 'severe autism' or being 'mild.' Those without access or not doing public-facing advocacy are painted as having 'severe' or 'profound' autism and 'needing [lobbyists] to be their voice.'

"This argument is harmful to all autistic people and erases their complexity and nuance. It benefits no one but lobbyists trying to serve their own interests that depend on public and lawmaker ignorance."

- Terra Vance, “Severe Autism” is a label intended to keep you from hearing autistic advocates

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