The recording and captions of my talk on Soseono, the Korean queen from 1st century B.C., is available for viewing and download! The captions are auto-generated and will be edited to become an actual transcript.

The document I wrote up for the presentation is available here:

Another inducement for viewing: @bright_helpings appears on-screen asking a question in all his ultra-cute glory :blobcataww:

Okay so the autogenerated caption is even less accurate than I thought, no one should refer to it because it'll be more confusing than enlightening xD It calls Soseono an "Ancient Greek Queen" at one point lmaooo

auto-caption shenanigans 

"And later on Sheila will take over most of them inshallah"

idk what this means but I'm rooting for Sheila

auto-caption shenanigans 

"But this isn't about Sheila."

Damn straight it ain't, it's about Susan!!

auto-caption shenanigans 

"major Quranic power"

honestly quite digging auto-caption's effort to make this ancient Korea and Islam crossover a thing

(I mean Islam didn't exist yet at this particular time period, but considering that the name "Korea" itself was likely spread by traders from the Muslim world, circa 9th century? Oh, and what about the love story between the protagonist of the Iranian epic Kushnameh and a Korean Princess, and)

auto-caption shenanigans, nonsensical text 

"the world was added or disintegration from a much later Korean Kingdom in the 15th century in October."

I think we should make a more general practice of denoting times by the century, month, and nothing else.

auto-caption shenanigans, nonsensical text but good dogs 

"There were the gimmick people were kind of the Northern branch of the Quranic people's dog and Jin dog and so on."

Quranic people's dog and Jin dog were the best doggies :shiba:

auto-caption shenanigans, plot twist!! 

Auto-caption on the fall of Gojoseon in 108 B.C.: "That would be about four years before since I was born"
Me: Wait I'm how many years old now?! :blobcatterrified:

auto-caption shenanigans, Lola 

"Lola is kind of a different case"

Idk who this Lola is but I support her :blobcatheart:

auto-caption shenanigans, alc ment I guess 

It put down Zhenfan as "drunk drunk fun" I can't 🤣

auto-caption shenanigans, accurate? 

"sweats oh no"

pretty sure there were people who reacted that way to her

auto-caption shenanigans, trouble 

"She was born in the year 66 bc in a place called trouble"

And don't you forget it 😎

auto-caption shenanigans, full bore 

"So I'll just call it full bore and from here on."

Loving how badass auto-caption is making things sound

Okay done with edits for today, I'm already a fifth to a fourth of the way through! It's easy to laugh at auto-generated captions but editing them is still way faster than an untrained person transcribing from scratch, and it is impressively accurate in the areas where it was the most extensively trained.

@ljwrites Well I remembered about what Marcia said the day before about people having their cameras on meaning they got some kind of feedback on their talk.

And then I realized that asking questions meant me and my face and my need-a-haircut hair would be on the recording too, :oh_no: :oh_no_bubble:! Haha.

Still worth it to talk to you! And it wasn't even the middle of the night for me like it has been the other times I've gotten to talk to you! ;)

@bright_helpings I didn't even notice your hair tbh, was too distracted by your adorable smile. A dastardly trick on your part!

@ljwrites a master of deceit, that's me!

Of course I was smiling, I was so excited to be there.

I mean, I never knew about Sheila and the Islamic empire before!

@bright_helpings and most importantly, Susan the leader of a major Quranic power!

@ljwrites Well you did talk about Soseono being a place name and not a person name, clearly the captions are trying to help out by giving her person names. ;)

@bright_helpings of course it would be Zoom auto-caption that broke this story wide open, it was under our noses the whole time! :blob_sweats:

@ljwrites I just watched the recording. Interesting talk about a part of history I knew nothing about. Thanks, LJ!

@y6nH aahhhh thank you for watching and glad you enjoyed! :blobcatmelt:

@ljwrites @y6nH ditto! That was very good and informative - I'm so steeped in Western culture/history it's good to tap into some of those other ancient histories. Especially interesting was how Koreans used the Chinese characters for their own language that wasn't at all Chinese.

It's probably not entirely unlike us using a bunch of glyphs that latins might find familiar but also they'd be very confused by.

@ketmorco @y6nH Pretty sure Chinese speakers would be confused by some old Korean writings in Chinese characters, much like Romans would be confused by written English :D

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