Is it "e-mail" or "email?"

I love that "e-mail" and "devil's post" are tied in the results

"devil's post" is now ahead of "e-mail," go fedi go!

hyphen meta 

Okay so of all the e-words to drop the hyphen from, I must STRENUOUSLY object to "ecommerce." Like wth that's just confusing

re: hyphen meta 

@ljwrites so are you telling me we shouldn't drop this extremely unreasonably popular chicken?

re: hyphen meta 

@IngaLovinde chicks are for picking up, not dropping!

re: hyphen meta 

@ljwrites Also, increasingly, that's just "commerce" tbh.

misinfo, unhealthy habits 

@FiXato @ljwrites it's called "email" because of all the "email" you lose grinding your teeth every time the notification comes up

@ljwrites Nobody cares but I miss the hyphen so much. Like a lot of people with sight loss, I read words by shapes, and it's much easier to do that with the hyphens.

@bright_helpings Aaahhhh so true! I hadn't thought of it as an accessibility feature but it so is, much like its cousin the underscore. I'm from an era when it was "e-mail" too, and still find myself wanting to write it that way.

@ljwrites I was thinking the other day that I only stopped when I got a touchscreen phone, because at first it was too difficult for me to fix the autocorrect all the time. I still write it "e-mail" much of the time if I'm at a computer.

@bright_helpings not to mention I think on most default setting touch keyboards one has to switch to the symbol keyboard and back to even type it? I wonder if that's one reason hyphens are being dropped at an accelerated rate, though this article doesn't mention keyboards and autocorrect as a factor. They mention camel case as a replacement for the hyphen in modern brand names and I think I could accept eMail, too :D

@ljwrites eMail seems so 90s to me, i love it.

My phone does autocorrect to "eReader," that's the only case of that kind of capitalization I can think of (and of course it's for a thing no one has and I think "kindle" has become the generic word for it now anyway, but oh well!)

@bright_helpings I like that, petition to make camel case the default for eThings!

@ljwrites @bright_helpings while we're at it can we retroactively go back and prefix "e" on stuff that's been invented on the internet that has no offline equivalent just to get the eFun started?
I propose eInstantMessage first, followed by eSearch, eBrowser, and other eTechnology.

Then we move on to terms that don't need E, like eHTML and eJavascript, as well as terms that could have worked but for some reason never got the E treatment, like eMovies and eTV for Netflix and other eStreaming platforms.

Finally when the world is on board, or on eBoard, as I like to say, we just start insisting that if your business is on the web you have to have an E at the start and force eGoogle and eFacebook - sorry, eMeta - to fall in line or become eRelevant.

@screenbeard I love this idea and will recommend it to everyone I meet and definitely pretend like I'm going to implement it myself asap but not actually get to that.

On the other hand, peak 90s nostalgia would be too use @ instead of e. \@mail. \@html. \@board.

(I will not actually do any of this, I just think it's funny.)

@ljwrites @bright_helpings

@epilanthanomai @screenbeard @ljwrites @bright_helpings I also miss being able to expect many people will get jokes based on including ^H (repeatedly) in the middle of a word to indicate you re-thought your wording but want to be passive-aggressive about it. Though of course that's not terribly accessible either.

@epilanthanomai @screenbeard @ljwrites @bright_helpings To the original point, I seem to recall the announcement being a big deal when Associated Press went from "e-mail" to "email" in their style guide. I think "the Internet" lost its capitalization at the same time.

@bright_helpings @epilanthanomai @ljwrites @naga @screenbeard I still make them, but as the absolute diehard Mac dork⌥⌫⌥⌫⌥⌫consummate pro I am, I use ⌥⌫ instead of ^H :p

@ljwrites When I write in English, I use "email" but in German "E-Mail".

@ljwrites Only tangentially related, but I was inexplicably overjoyed when I learned that French "émail" translates to English "enamel." False cognates make for great opportunities for confusion... I mean... poetry!

Maybe I should start calling it "courriel" in English.

@ljwrites I picked "other" because "idgaf" wasn't an option 😛

@ajroach42 something that actually came up in the thread--great minds think alike! xD

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