Reminder that "meritocracy" and "work ethic" are toxic lies made up to cover for rich people's and countries' systemic looting :purple_sparkling_heart:

Wages are societal subsidies given for being rich, connected, male, and abled enough, or making up for the lack of such privileges at personal cost.

I mean yes, landlordism is visibly exploitative and terrible, but wages should not be morally shielded by the sanctification of work, either. This is truer the higher you go on the wage scale, but the ingrained idea of work ethic tends to hide just how much getting non-exploitative wages depends on existing privileges.

Your work is not a sign of morality.

Your work, especially work rewarded by capitalism, is a sign of privilege.

Kill the Calvinist in your mind.

None of this is to say work is never valuable, that worker exploitation does not exist, or that workers do not deserve support and livelihoods.

Rather the point is that work should be decoupled from morality. Work is just something people tend to *do* if they're able--and people who don't or can't work deserve dignity and survival just as much.

And of course, recognizing work and the value of work outside of capitalist remuneration and approved forms of production is a whole body of thought in itself.


And this is kind of Taoist but one way to conceptualize work and leisure is... not conceptualize work and leisure. Abandoning the duality of doing/not doing and understanding how it is all a part of *being.* Work isn't this holy endeavor set apart from mere leisure, it's just a process and function of life like growing, eating, shitting or dying. There is no lazy because not doing what we currently call work is just a part of being, too. A rather crucial part, in fact.

Obviously it takes social shifts away from societies organized around a work/leisure duality for such a cognitive shift to really take hold, but sometimes it helps to think a little differently, like a glimpse into alternate worlds.

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