"The racist white person . . . doesn't understand that [they are] also a race. It's also constructed, it's also made, and it also has some kind of serviceability. . . . But when you take it away, I take your race away and there you are, all strung out and all you've got is your little self. And what is that? What are you without ? Are you feeling good? Are you still strong? Still smart? Do you still like yourself? . . .

"If you can only be tall because somebody's on their knees, then you have a serious problem. And my feeling is, white people have a very, very serious problem. And THEY should start thinking about what THEY can do about it. Take me out of it."

- on whiteness

Anyway not one thing I say about marginalization here is original--I learned all of it from Black and Indigenous women and queer people, from disabled people, trans people and more. The people crying in my mentions about how I make them feel bad can go fight much greater minds than I. You think you know more than Toni Morrison? Highly doubt it.

mildly spoilery for guerrillarain's book, gushy 

Also it occurs to me this quote pretty much encapsulates the plot of I FEED HER TO THE BEAST AND THE BEAST IS ME, guerrillarain's book currently undergoing the torturous process of publishing. That book is so!! good!! I've already drawn a parallel between it and the history & aesthetics discussed in James Baldwin's essay Stranger in the Village, and Tony Morrison's words here work too. Guerrilla has written such a damning, original, and entertaining indictment of how whiteness works with echoes back to great thinkers on the subject, it's amazing.


Oops, that should be "Toni," not "Tony." Apologies!


@ljwrites It was such a "screenreader mistake"* that I had to remind myself you probably weren't using one. :) But it could also be a speech-to-text mistake.

* I can tell which of my new colleagues use screenreaders because they're the ones most likely to call me Eric. (I never mind! Something has to be the default spelling.)


@bright_helpings lol yeah, I think my fingers act sometimes like they're taking dictation too when they're typing, going by sounds rather than the visual spelling! I actually asked about it on the fedi a few years back and evidently it's a well-known phenomenon.

@bright_helpings rich white people in traditional publishing give guerrilla a book deal and all the moneys nao kthx

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