culture is taking copious notes

so you don't forget

and then forgetting where you put your notes

@ljwrites ADHD culture is having entire garbage bags full of post it notes, each densely packed with tiny writing and sophisticated diagrams that make no sense out of context that has been long forgotten

@zens @ljwrites Also, #ADHD culture--Jalan is planning to turn one wall of our home study into a whiteboard while studying for licensure.

@naga @zens oh that's awesome! I think I've seen that for like laboratories and offices and things?

@naga would be nice to have one all to herself! Can Dragonlet and Hudson be kept from messing with it?

@ljwrites We installed keyed-alike real locking knobs on the office and the guest room/playroom.

@ljwrites (What I meant by "real" is require a key; US houses usually have "courtesy locks" on bedrooms and bathrooms, easily opened with either a thin rod or a tiny screwdriver)

@naga Dragonlet is too young to be opening doors like that, isn't he? Or is it because of... Hudson? :thinking_fire:

@naga and thinking long-term, too! And who knows... that young dog just might learn new tricks lmao.

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