We have such great authors on the fedi. Is there a group or recurring event for reading them, to give them exposure, discuss their work, and move some copies?

My preliminary idea is to recommend and vote every month for a book written by authors on the fedi, with an emphasis on self-published/indie authors, and read and discuss the book on here. I'm guessing many of the works will be fiction but nonfiction would be eligible, too. At the end of a full year a vote can be held to choose a book of the year.

@ljwrites could someone hold a fedivision-like event for literature/authors? :blobcatthink:

@zatnosk yeah I was inspired by Fedivision, though I was thinking of something more in format like SFFBookclub on here--a book every month, maybe, reading and discussing it, and possibly choosing a Fediverse Book of the Year by vote? We could do promotion work for indie writers such as requesting their books at libraries or booksellers.

@ljwrites @zatnosk this is a great idea. Something like FediAuthorsBookClub?

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