White people have race
Cis men have gender
Straight people have sexuality
Abled people have access needs.

It's just that theirs are dominant and unquestioned in a way that refuses coexistence with difference, always elbowing others out while denying they do it.

re-boosting in celebration of making someone mad 😘

Holy shit this post is bringing the chuds out of the woodwork! Fly, my lovely! Fly!

I guess all the white/cis/male/straight/abled people who boosted or faved the op hate themselves? And heck, I'm cis and abled, I must hate myself too! xD

Anyway in addition to being a known anti-white racist from a while back, now I can add the "man-hater" feather to my cap :P

You, too, can boost the op to alienate the trash fires in your circle! :dumpster_fire:

And I am now mysteriously a denier of intersectionality and disrespectful to Black and trans people... for saying that whiteness and cissexism are violent? Idek anymore.


~inserting themselves for clout into social justice issues that don't affect them~

Buddy all I did was write a post. And pointed out that you put words in my mouth. If that gave you allll these feels, so much that you brought the tone of my profile into it when you couldn't hold anything concrete over me, that's something you'll have to examine about yourself and not on me.

(Quote is not exact because I saw it on my TL and then blocked them, like who cares anymore lol)

subtoot, on "looking for a fight" 

Also it's just so interesting how I'm supposedly looking for a fight by writing a post with... actually an extremely mild, lukewarm take on privileged identities?

It seems my supposedly looking for a fight isn't about me seeking anyone out to pick an argument (every argument I had on this subject was with someone replying to me) or putting out some offensive take meant to provoke, but simply writing about a phenomenon that is well-known from centuries of experience and study--just in a way that might not be palatable to white, cis, male, straight, and abled sensibilities. Basically, talking forthrightly about privilege, and refusing to coddle people who come at me for it in bad faith, is itself a provocation in this way of thinking.

Fascinating. Utterly fascinating.

@shahaan you can piss off sooo many different people with this, it's great xD

@ljwrites Amazing! I’m currently scrolling through the replies with my finger hovering over the block button👇😏

@shahaan I regularly provide blocklist service as my contribution to the fedi :blobdab:

@ljwrites @shahaan I love how no bad replies are visible to me in this thread 😅

@ljwrites it’s not even that inflammatory like wtf lol

@Siph What I say: Some identities have systemic privilege
What they hear: Kill all men

@elialeth The specific objection had big "how dare you say I have privilege when I'm marginalized on another axis" energy. And given that the attempted denial of privilege by marginalization on another axis is a really common silencing tactic and yet another way privilege operates...

@ljwrites I just read it and absolutely. As a white person I felt into that in the past and... Yikes. That person has a lot to work on (and me too ofc, this never ends).

@ljwrites (sorry if I spammed you a bit, you really had good answers on this thread!!).

@elialeth haha it's no problem, my tolerance for bs shrank soooo much as I aged lol.

subtoot, on "looking for a fight" 

@ljwrites "actually an extremely mild, lukewarm take" I mean even that is pushing it - it's not even a take, you're just listing some factual information

subtoot, on "looking for a fight" 

@welshpixie As one of our mods, Dumi, put it, I said water is wet and certain people lost their entire shit

subtoot, on "looking for a fight" 

@ljwrites All of it, gone, never to be found again, vanquished to the shit dimension

subtoot, on "looking for a fight" 

@welshpixie a moment of silence for all that shit, lost for no good reason

subtoot, on "looking for a fight" 

@carcinopithecus @ljwrites Without wanting to stray into typecasting, there's a weird issue on the fedi where German men particularly are largely gross on here, and it's something I often see commented on by my female German friends here XD

subtoot, on "looking for a fight" 

@welshpixie @carcinopithecus without discounting how bad toxic masculinity is in just about every culture around the world, Germany does seem to have its specific issues with masculinity. I'm still haunted by how a German user told me Father's Day in Germany has essentially become a holiday for roving bands of violent dudes unsafe for families 😬

subtoot, on "looking for a fight" 

@welshpixie @carcinopithecus ikr?? Like what the hell happened

subtoot, on "looking for a fight" 

@welshpixie @ljwrites @carcinopithecus you all are correct, I think on the fedi theres a problem with german cishet men in particular. and the fathers day thing is true, sadly. I once was on a bike tour camping alone in a village and on my camping spot a bunch of drunk men gathered and I actually had to leave the place for my safety. and that wasn't paranoia on my part, it was an actual problem. I hate this day so much.

subtoot, on "looking for a fight" 

@welshpixie @ljwrites @carcinopithecus I think there's a general problem in germany that people have the wrong perception that they are somehow on top of things and developments and modern and cool etc, when in fact we in germany are very much lagging behind in comparison to other countries. but our self perception that we aren't behind, prevents us from catching up, and it's extremely frustrating.

subtoot, on "looking for a fight" 

@carcinopithecus @welshpixie @ljwrites well probably you are lagging behind in america and canada, and we in germany are lagging behind *you* lol

subtoot, on "looking for a fight" 

@distel @welshpixie @carcinopithecus that is so horrible wtf

subtoot, on "looking for a fight" 

@ljwrites @welshpixie @carcinopithecus yeah I'm sorry that was me :blob_anar_raccoon: it's really bad and I feel like it's particularly bad among German techy cishet dudes on here and really everywhere they hang out.

subtoot, on "looking for a fight" 

@carcinopithecus @welshpixie maybe "white people have race" translates to "fuck all white people" in German :blob_thinking: Although pretty sure white people I'm cool with, German and otherwise, would gleefully boost that too lol

subtoot, on "looking for a fight" 

@ljwrites @carcinopithecus Yeah, whenever I get a 'reply guy' on here it's almost always, or dare I even say always, a German guy, from a small subset of instances.

subtoot, on "looking for a fight" 

@welshpixie @carcinopithecus I mean the biggest software on the Fedi itself has a German guy problem in its maintainer, Gargron :blobcatgiggle:

subtoot, on "looking for a fight" 

@welshpixie @ljwrites @carcinopithecus Germany is still struggling to come to terms with their WWII past, and they still haven't really had a reckoning with their *Colonial* past

but their colonial past is what lay fertile ground for WWII, and we now a whole new wave of Nazis

TMI: Nazi Germany 

@welshpixie @ljwrites @carcinopithecus there's also that whole galaxy brain line of arguing that goes: Jewish people are actually white, so Nazis weren't actually racist

which, sure, is one way to look at it. except, they also tried to exterminate all Roma and Sinti (and Slavs, and…)

and: the word Racism was invented to describe what Germany (Prussia) started doing to its Jewish citizens in the 19th century.

it's not like that shit started in 1939, and stopped in 1945.

TMI: Nazi Germany, alc abuse ment 

@carcinopithecus you're welcome.

nazi germany, denialism 

@meena @welshpixie @ljwrites @carcinopithecus this ^^^
there's a tendency among (cishet, white, able-bodied) germans to push away any kind of responsibility for WW2, the holocaust, colonialism etc. (if they even acknowledge the latter >.<), but people simultaneously know how implausible that kind of denialism is and my guess is that this provides fertile ground for reply guys feeling personally attacked by basic facts like the ones stated in the original toot


nazi germany, denialism 

@meena @welshpixie @ljwrites @carcinopithecus

and trying to debate their way out of the resulting feeling of guilt/responsibility, instead of addressing their own part in it. especially among people who have an idea of themselves being "progressive", "one of the good guys" or anyways "definitely not one of the bad guys". it's extremely toxic and harmful.

nazi germany, denialism 

@crowlad @welshpixie @ljwrites @carcinopithecus i want reply guys to take their guilt out on cops who in groups of six are surrounding two brown teenagers. i don't wanna end up another prematurely dead trans woman because i do this all the time. I want racist nazi cops to fear their white German citizens, instead of having them as collaborators, who look away

subtoot, on "looking for a fight" 

@ljwrites @welshpixie There's a subset of """allies""" who can't help but make everything about them. If they're not treated like royalty by literally every member of the group they're """supporting""", then they're not going to support you anymore, and obviously you NEED their personal support or your cause is going to fail, so you'd better put on the kid gloves and the eggshell slippers or everything you've worked for will be up in smoke!


subtoot, on "looking for a fight" 

@noelle @welshpixie the combination of sheer ego and demands to be catered to is just... ugh.

subtoot LOL, like you wrestled them to the ground and forced them to not only read your article but TALK about it.

These bigots not even trying to make sense.


@Are0h the refusal to take responsibility for their own actions is astounding. Like, sorry buddy that you have issues, but don't try to make someone else pay for it!

(What I want to say to every rando who gets weird in your mentions--every time I get an eyeful I'm like whyyyy)

subtoot The part where another person I didn't know existed enters my timeline, begs me to interact with their nonsense, gets wildly antagonistic and hostile because of it, and accuses me of being emotional will never not be HILARIOUS to me.

I picture myself sitting there drinking a milkshake while the other person has a full-on meltdown without me saying anything every time.

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