Radicalism is a completion of love. Systems of control and violence depend on breaking the bonds of love for reasons that serve the powerful and no one else. Love demands we fight back against these commands to fear, measure, and control, so we can more fully love our fellow beings and ourselves.


And no, this isn't about letting people get away with harmful shit because "love." Indulgence, in the old sense of selling unearned forgiveness, is not love for the indulged. Love asks tough questions and has the uncomfortable talks, love doesn't turn its back on the machinery of violence, love believes in and respects everyone's capacity to do better. Love fights and never stops fighting.

@ljwrites when I was a kid, I always viewed coupled love as a tool of the system. Because the normative marriage breeds complacency.

But now, a quarter of a decade later, I find that power has twisted the meaning of love, and controlled how it's allowed to be expressed.

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