Hey everyone, I've had a few people ask and I'm not having problems with the moderation work-load, but thanks for checking!

You're generally very easy on me as a mod

The bigger reason why I closed sign-ups here is that building community just isn't something that can be done at scale

It takes relationship-building, getting to know people, connecting with them, vulnerability, consistency and investment in each other

And no it won't be the same as academic Twitter


Have you seen Twitter?

All that to say,

If you want to get to know some cool kids on Scholar, welcome, pull up a seat, the coffee machine is in the kitchenette over there

But if you want to maximize user engagement with your brand, I'll kinda be actively putting up roadblocks to that kind of behaviour here and you'll eventually get frustrated and leave

Also (and this is my last thought on this I promise)

Thinking in terms of the health of the Fediverse

Masto instances shouldn't let themselves get too big

No instance should be "too big to block"


@bgcarlisle this is the one silver lining I see with shitty single-user instances. Oh hey, we lose literally nothing of value by suspending your instance, thanks for the convenience!

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