White fragility is a thing because whiteness is fundamentally fragile. Like any construct that depends on having "others" to look down on, it cannot be secure in itself and constantly seeks validation and gratification at the expense of others. You can't identify out of whiteness, but you can choose not to identify yourself with whiteness. Don't let whiteness hollow out your soul and use your husk to protect itself. You deserve better.

Like, there's no point in talking about "race issues" or "Black issues" or whatever. It's white issues all the way down and people are Tired of being foils and projections for white people's refusal to just exist as fellow beings.

And then there's a whooole conversation to be had with POC, especially nonblack POC, trying to get a slice of whiteness for ourselves by being antiblack... how about we fucking crush white supremacy instead, how about that

@ljwrites i've been chewing on the phrase 'complicit in white nonsense' as sort of my catch-all for white and nonblack POC in particular doing the things that prop up white supremacy. not sure if it quite captures the right vibe, but it sure makes people flinch when i use it, which is kind of the point.

@rabbithearth Agreed, that reaction tells me you're doing it right xD

@ljwrites I've been thinking a lot about white fragility in the context of the outrage over Ncuti Gatwa as the new Dr. Who and Leah Jeffries as Annabeth in the Disney Percy Jackson series. And especially in the latter case because it's an example of whiteness-induced rage directed at a 12-y-o child. A Black child expected to weather the nastiness of us white adults, like usual.

@ElliAutisticHarpy yeah singling out Black children for abuse is an old trick, like the child actors for Annie, The Hunger Games, and outside the realm of celebrity, ordinary children throughout school and policing systems :/

@ljwrites This is making me think about a project I was working on. Like you, I'm a translator (mainly French to English work). A few years ago, I was volunteering to help with subtitles into French for a Robin DiAngelo video. It was a struggle at times to find the right words in French because the aversion to naming whiteness runs so deep. I remember "school-to-prison pipeline" in particular. That violence exists here but naming it is another story.

@ElliAutisticHarpy oh, yes! Racism in Europe seems like a different beast again from racism in the U.S., without the language to describe it in many cases because there hasn't been the same level of organization, struggle, and scholarship. Actor Daniel Kaluuya described racism in Britain as oppressive and silent. James Baldwin, a Black U.S. writer who later moved to Europe, made that contrast in his 1955 essay Stranger in the Village saying Europe has never had the conversation about Black people's humanity that divided the U.S. and so remains oblivious to it. Page 5 of (CW antiblack racism, slavery, racist slur etc.) In the seven decades since then the door is cracking open little by little and already white Europeans seem to think it's Too Much lol.

@ljwrites As is pretty clear in France (!)...where "woke" has become a term to convey anything provoking discussions around race that are uncomfortable for white people 😐 . As part of that same volunteer work, I was helping with into English subtitles for a documentary on racism in France. It's essentially just a series of people discussing their personal experiences with racialization. Hopefully it will eventually be broadly distributed.

@ElliAutisticHarpy oh wow, the casual antiblackness... 😬 that sounds like a really important documentary, I hope more people get to see it!

@ljwrites As spin-off of #whitefragility I'd like to mention #exotism . Out of this cultural non-identity of #whiteness some whites search (un)consciously for spiritual identity in any other culture. Which cannot work. And people sense that. It is the #whitetragedy . As a consequence some of those take out their frustration on any other culture, creating even more destruction.
Only if the own cultural basis/spiritually is developed, one can reach out to other cultures and create new things.

@carl yup I've repeatedly pointed out, cultures classified as white have great spiritual traditions of their own that give meaning and continuation to life--but in choosing to identify with a construct that's hollow of anything but supremacy and pillage, white people get in their own way of finding meaning and do what whiteness teaches them to do, steal and break.

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