OK! Here's the job post! https://transparentclassroom.com/developers

- Ruby (Rails) + JavaScript (React) mostly
- 16~32 hours per week, your discretion.
- $66.10~$96.14/hr (With a cap of $120k/yr; so 24 hours/wk at top-end)
- Building software that's used in classrooms around the world to nurture self-actualization from an early age.

It's a ~10 person collectively-managed team that is carefully, intentionally, and deliberately moving towards being a worker #coop.


@Zee @ljwrites The job page failed to load, but the company sounds rad as hell. Co-op software product company… the fuckin’ dream.

@benhamill @ljwrites hmm odd. It loads fine, and our alerting didn’t yell about any outages… wonder why it didn’t load.


@Zee @benhamill uh-oh, I hope a potential outage didn't drive away potential applicants. If you're not buried in applications yet, maybe that's why :D

@ljwrites @benhamill ha, I mean we don’t often have outages, so that’s why I’m confused. It’s essentially a static site behind a load balancer on heroku, so it not loading would be a real head scratcher

@Zee @ljwrites I got a friendly "we couldn't load everything we needed to load to display this" message, so I don't think anything was _down_. I wonder if it coulda been ad blocker something something blocking some JS library or... IDK. It loads on desktop for me. 🤷‍♂️

@benhamill @ljwrites Ahhh, yea... that's the result of a front-end build pipeline that... needs to be revisited.

It's on my "TODOS"

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