If you’re on dreamwidth or want to be on dreamwidth & are looking for accounts to follow, there’s a friending meme going on right now!

Targeted at the current LJ exodus but welcome to all: https://friending-memes.dreamwidth.org/1083.html

@Satsuma Oh is there a new LJ exodus now? Because of the Russia situation?

@ljwrites there was some rumblings before Ukraine bc LJ decided to break all the crossposters (maybe a month ago?) & it turns out the site looks a lot emptier without the ghosts of everyone who left for [insert LJ clone] years ago

But then Ukraine happened, and LJ is owned by Rambler Media Group, who is owned by Sberbank, who is owned by the Russian gov’t. So now everyone wants to get out quick


@Satsuma Yeah makes sense, maybe their loss will be DW's gain! I don't have quite the courage to cut the cord on LJ, especially all the comments I accumulated over the years. Current bet is I'm going to keep being a coward and passive-aggressively wait for the site to breathe its last.

@ljwrites yeah its definitely not an easy move to make! Hopefully you’re able to back up all the important bits before the site does actually breathe its last on you

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