I was ranting early, but I am so irritated and frustrated and angry about how hard it is to keep up with current events in this era of social media.

A lot of vital information is kept hidden behind paywalls, behind $100 to $500 annual subscriptions.

A lot of vital information is held on sites that aren't GDPR compliant, and rather than just *not fucking track me*, they straight up won't serve IPs from my location.

AND a lot of news articles lack basic research.

For the *few* NY Times articles I am able to view (I get linked to/receive), I have to fact-check the information myself because the journalists writing the articles don't do it at all. They interview and quote people with agendas (everyone has an agenda, this is basic reporting 101), but they don't check the person's background, their history, or even fact-check the stats quoted (which can often be easily and reputably disproved).

So you end up getting articles about how defunding police has been horrible for crime in a city while the city's crime stats are actually down and the police haven't even been defunded. The budgets are public, why wouldn't you fact-check this one crucial detail in your article? And why are you quoting a former cop, a cop lawyer, a member of the police union, and not including a single rebuttal?

I don't have a journalism degree, but if I turned in this garbage at uni, I'd fail off the bat.

This means that for every piece of news I receive, I have to invest 15-45 minutes on my own fact-checking and doing the journalist's job, not that it really matters because the misinformation has spread like wildfire on social media anyway.

And you have news outlets tweeting their own articles that they haven't read, or putting spins on news that shouldn't need a spin during a pandemic that contributes to misinformation.

For example, everyone on my timeline shared a tweet from NBC about a COVID outbreak at a hospital, and the content of the tweet *completely* ignored the content of the actual fucking article it linked to.

This means we can't even trust a news outlet's official account to get their own reported facts right????

And come on, we're in a fucking pandemic where people have been poisoning themselves in false treatments.

A fantasy writer shouldn't have to tell you that citing one study that hasn't been peer-reviewed, that hasn't been reproduced, and is hosted on a site that clearly states that the papers should NOT be used for news reporting is pathetic and shouldn't be taken as fact.

The politicians are lying. The news outlets are lying. And then we have news outlet SPOOF sites and influencers and far-winged political sites that are all spitting their own misinformation.

What is the point anymore? Really, truly?

i am calm and collected now. i'll just never trust another human for as long as i love, cool cool


@guerrillarain seems about right for the year of our lord 2022

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