Asexuality has nothing to do with repressive ideas of sexual virtue. Aces are not more self-controlled, we do not necessarily refrain from sex, we are not waiting for the "right" person to come along, and we are not all monogamous. Moralizing our lack of sexual attraction does not help us and only feeds into slut-shaming rhetoric.

Ace-spec, demisexuality, acephobia, acemisia 

@ljwrites Exactly, it annoys me sooo much when people claim that I am better or 'normal' for not being attracted to people until getting to know them/feeling close to them.

Ace-spec, demisexuality, acephobia, acemisia & slut-shaming 

@photonicfae aaahhhhh this was EXACTLY what I was thinking about!! I saw a post arguing demisexual people were just "normal" and was like, did you just call people who have casual sex abnormal do you listen to yourself

Family, Ace-spec, demisexuality, acephobia, acemisia & slut-shaming 

@ljwrites ugh my mum says that all the time.

Family, Ace-spec, demisexuality, acephobia, acemisia & slut-shaming 

@photonicfae love to have my demisexuality used to slutshame others 🤦‍♀️

re: Family, Ace-spec, demisexuality, acephobia, acemisia & slut-shaming 

@ljwrites [Sarcasm] Yes, totally, it's why I came out as it [/Sarcasm]

Seriously though, I wish people were less judgemental about sex etc.

re: Family, Ace-spec, demisexuality, acephobia, acemisia & slut-shaming 

@photonicfae yup slut-shaming and acemisia are just flip sides of the same coin.

Ace-spec, demisexuality, acephobia, acemisia 

@photonicfae I literally saw this just the other day and rolled my eyes so hard they nearly fell out of my head.


okay, let's not even go into "normal" vs. "abnormal" and let's talk about the bit where it's made dating difficult if not downright impossible. bc that's not how dating is "supposed" to work.

now tell me that it's "normal" or that "this is how everything works", bc it doesn't! ahhh!


@ljwrites also see a lot of people blaming sexual consveratism in young and of course queer spaces on ace people which is Super gross and weird lmao. like that ace teen who u didn't wanna let into the community isn't responsible for years of cultural conservatism leeching into the queer community because of respectability politics??

@ljwrites And we don't have super powers or super productivity due to "not spending so much time thinking about sex".

@ljwrites Probably the same place they came up with "men think about sex every 5 seconds", I'd guess.

@eldaking @ljwrites That was one of the weirdest things to hear back then. Like who has thoughts every five seconds, let alone thoughts about something specific every five seconds.

@cadadr @eldaking yeah at that point it's a fixation and I'd be worried, no matter what the subject or gender 😬

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