covid, executive dysfunction 

People reporting loss of organization, memory loss, and deteriorated sense of time due to lockdown is so wild to me because my self is reading these symptoms and going, "Oh, you mean Tuesday? And every other day?"

covid, executive dysfunction 

@ljwrites It's been quite a bizarre experience to see so many people experience what it's like to live as a marginalized person for the first time in their lives. I bet a lot of us have thought "oh hello welcome to our daily lives!"

covid, executive dysfunction 

@Dolly trying not to get my hopes up that it'll lead to more people being more understanding and less moralistic about neurodivergence...

covid, executive dysfunction 

@ljwrites Yeah, for a brief moment I had that childish hope thinking "oh, this will be the thing! may 2020 is the tipping point where the priveleged develop the empathy that was torn out of them in school and by capitalist society as a whole!" say I've been disheartened is an understatement.

covid, hope vs. reality 

@Dolly what we hoped for: systemic change based on greater awareness of marginalization
what we got: the pandemic hitting already systemically marginalized people the worst, everything from disaster capitalism to law enforcement brutality doubling down

covid, executive dysfunction 

@ljwrites love that this is filled under "lifestyle"

covid, executive dysfunction 

@meena I guess that's how these "womanly" subjects like emotions & mental health are categorized lol.

covid, executive dysfunction 

@ljwrites this line

> Perhaps we are having problems with our thinking because the truth of the experience, for many of us, is simply unthinkable.

is fucking killer

but, i mean, life before the pandemic was, for many people pretty damn unthinkable already, because capitalism and patriarchy make it so

covid, executive dysfunction 

@ljwrites Oh, I hate that they're trying to make "brain fog" a thing that neurotypical / abled people have now. It's a serious cognitive symptom of fatiguing illnesses, not a "feeling kind of cooped up" sort of a deal.

covid, executive dysfunction 

@ljwrites I remember reading a different article about brain fog and 'long hauler' covid cases several months ago and thinking OMG, people are spontaneously developing ADHD. And while growing up with diagnosed and relatively uncontrolled adhd wasn't a walk in the park, I can't imagine how awful it'd be to reach adulthood as more or less neurotypical, and then suddenly have all of the problems I've spent years developing coping skills for. :(

executive dysfunction vs evo psych 

@ljwrites i just realised

> These systems respond in exactly the same way they did in early humans two million years ago on the African savannah, when stress did not relate to home schooling, but to fear of being eaten by a large animal.

i'm pretty sure, that as soon as humans stood up in the savannah they were apex predators, so these systems are a looooooot older than 2 mio years… more like 400

but i guess fish are less relatable than proto-humans

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