Have I mentioned lately how much I ? Because I love me a rascally, uncompromisingly antifascist & antiracist puffin.

Nazis & moderation policies 

The admin in that thread needs to read & internalize that Twitter story of the bartender who kicked every Nazi out of his bar because one is too many and they'd turn the place into a Nazi bar. But then again the admin looks like he'd think the bartender was too harsh and missed a chance to hear the Nazis out and teach them 🙄

Here's the bartender story in an unbroken thread, CW Nazis, alcohol, and threatened violence (against the Nazi).

I would also like to emphasize that kicking Nazis out is only the *barest godsdamned minimum*. Nazis are easy to hate. They are not respectable. Kicking them out isn't the hard part. The really hard antiracist and even antifascist work is with people you like, people who are respectable and in good standing. It's with the learned bigoted and violent impulses in your own good leftist self. This is the part where the fedi, and really white society in general, fails miserably.

@ljwrites I too even though he's a rascally species of sleepless bird that constantly bedevils the timeline

Nazis & moderation policies 

@ljwrites ha, I had the exact same thought, that story is so great in how efficiently it communicates it's message

Nazis & moderation policies 

@balrogboogie I love how its central message can be distilled (heh) into two words: "Out. Now." Which conveniently doubles as the only valid moderation policy for Nazis in any space.

Nazis & moderation policies 

@ljwrites the idea that your ideology can make you enemies and impact your physical wellbeing is an important lesson, and one that plenty of other people have to learn, so the bartender is basically a teacher as far as I am concerned

Nazis, violence, firearms 

@Awizardofearthsea Some lessons just need to be taught at the end of a baseball bat 🤗 (or shotgun or whatever the bartender had under the bar)

@ljwrites that's the one MLK quote you won't see on white profiles: "I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro's great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen's Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to "order" than to justice"

It's those in the middle, who say, "wait a minute, shouldn't we allow him to spew his vitriol, because freedom of speech is important!"

No. We absolutely should not.

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