In 2008 South Korean company Daewoo Logistics concluded a deal with the government of to lease 3.2 million acres of land, about half of arable land on the island, for 99 years at $12 an acre, with the food produced to be exported to . Popular resistance to the deal led to then-President Marc Ravalomanana's ouster in what has been called a revolution, and the Malagasy government under new President Andry Rajoelina scrapped the land deal.

Both links are trash btw, and sympathetic to the deal. But at least they do carry the facts.

Also fun fact, Rajoelina (the current President of Madagascar after being reelected) used to be a disk jockey and owned a broadcast station, which Ravalomanana shut down as part of the crackdown on dissent.

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@ljwrites Thanks for the links. I couldn't find any specifics yesterday when I searched for it myself as I saw @noyovo mentioning it.

Is it just me or is the language used in the times article utterly disgusting? One would think I'm used to writing like that by now.

@VoidDrone @noyovo yes it is ugh >:( and the Kyunghyang article is terrible too, it's all about how Madagascar's new government is refusing to honor the deal oh noes 😱 Kyunghyang is actually known as a leftist outlet but maybe the business section has a different tone, and I also would not be surprised if they're sympathetic to the Korean working class but still pro-colonialism when we're on the colonizing end. Ugh.

@ljwrites unfortunately that's way too common in leftist circles.

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