Clicky keyboards are stim toys disguised as ergonomic work products send toot

@ljwrites mech keyboards make my brain so happy. Not just to type on, but for me, personally, to learn everything about and hopefully build some some day!

aaaand info dump about random facts I learned about building them(to people who are also into it or curious of course)

@Gumby @ljwrites Yaaay! What's your favourite switch? Staggered or ortho? 40/60/TKL/full-size? 😆

@petrichor I’m just getting into it! I’m going to be testing out a linear switch, cherry MX black after coming from some blue clones. I don’t game, I type so *shrugs* and they were out of stock on browns. Also I do 65%

@Gumby Cool, welcome to the rabbit hole, I hope you have fun learning! MX browns were my first mech switch and I like the tactile bump. I've never got on with linear switches but I know a lot of folks like them. And clicky keys are very satisfying, now the pandemic has me working from home and I don't have to worry about annoying office mates 😂

@petrichor sadly I still live at home during college so my cheap red dragon with blue switches has been absolutely annoying the hell out of everyone that lives here lmao. I’m staying up late at night doing assignments too. I wish I could’ve got like, the silent blacks or browns but the only switches I was interested in where the cherry MX blacks. Idk if I would like the silent reds, or any reds

@Gumby Do you have a switch tester? Lots of online keeb shops sell them and it's a great way to test out lots of different switches before choosing. Plus they make *excellent* stim toys in their own right!

@petrichor I don’t have one yet! Btw I meant the only ones I was interested in that were *in stock*. My bad.

@Gumby No worries, I figured that's what you probably meant! If it helps you find what you want, I'd say that the "copies" made by Gateron and Kailh are arguably better quality than the "genuine" Cherry MX switches these days, and they also make some switches that aren't equivalent to anything Cherry branded.

@Gumby I really want a board with Kailh Box Whites because they're extra-clicky: get clock on the press *and* the return. Super annoying/stimmy!

@petrichor it’s all preference! I wanna go for some silent reds if I do game stuff

@ljwrites they're so expensive... but maybe a macropad will bring me cheaper clicky satisfaction :blob_cat:

@ljwrites i literally just push the shift key or some other key that does nothing as a stim :p

@ljwrites this is my fave, but it's been stuck at my office for months while we do home working. I miss it...

@rosegeranium @dumpsterqueer when caught by an annoyed security guard: "You don't understand! My keyboard is in there!!"

@ljwrites Hrm.... every now and then I have a conversation in which I talk about myself for a bit and someone asks if I've been evaluated for autism. This might be one more straw of evidence.

@eldang it could also be ADHD as you said in the other thread, or it could be both--the two conditions have genetic and other links that are not fully explored (said the ADHD mom of an autistic child lol), and ADHD people can have sensory issues as well. I know I love my clicky clicky quite a bit and engaged in stimming behaviors especially when I was younger.

@ljwrites keyboard go clicky click

sometimes i want to type on it even if i have absolutely nothing to type just because it feels so nice

@xyzzy awww that's great, must mean you have the right keyboard for you! :heart_cyber:

@ljwrites i mean, it's just a cheap no-name mechanical keyboard, but i enjoy it :)

@xyzzy @ljwrites the cheap ones are extra loud. I love my $40 red dragon. It sounds like a hail storm on a tin roof.

@z @ljwrites mine is a chinese keyboard- i think a huo ji?- with outemu blue switches which are basically cherry mx blue knockoffs

the body of my keyboard is made of metal but is also apparently mostly hollow so typing has kind of a "pingy" sound, like tapping on an empty pipe

@ljwrites this is about me stimming on my clicky clicky isnt it

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