Currently instance blocking does not regard users.

When instance is blocked, users with contacts on that instance are not automatically informed. Existing conversations are cut-off without notice, messages become unaccessible. I have experienced it and it feels like a violation of private life.

If there is such procedure as instance-blocking, it should consider well-being of users at first and inform those with follows/followers on blocked instance, so they could at least manually backup their conversations before they are gone.

Also, if you are informed that some instance will be blocked, you get a chance to be vocal about your communities policies: contact admins to support or discourage them, or if you do not agree - move your account before you're cut off.



@dudenas @woozle in practice most instances do notify their users if the instance to be cut off has contacts with their own. Making it public to the other instance is nice in theory but often invites harassment. I know there are people who target based on its public block list.

@ljwrites @woozle

I do not believe anyone has data about habits of admins in "most instances".

But I wonder, do mastodon admins have a convenient tool (not a cumbersome db lookup) to easily see, that their users have contacts with their to-be-blocked instance?

@dudenas @woozle I mean, if mods make it a practice not to be transparent to their users and to disregard their convenience that's fundamentally a human problem 🤷‍♀️ It might be nice to have, say, automatic notification and time delay if there are contacts between the instances, but that's simply a technical facilitation of what good mods do anyway and should be bypassed when human discretion calls for it, e.g. if there is only one user following someone from the other instance it might be more efficient to tell that user privately rather than make a public notice depending on concern of harassment etc.

Yes, there is an easy interface to view connections between one's instance and a different instance under the federation admin menu, like how many people on the instance follow people on this instance and vice versa, how many blocks, and how many reports there have been.

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