#fediblock a.nti.social is hosting users who openly participate in anti-black actions. From observation, weeks have gone past since a black person reported the person who “didn’t see race”. That person is now mocking the whole conversation and the instance moderators and admins have not done anything to restore or protect black people. This instance is my first block so far.


@ikora welcome to the fedi! :) I'm LJ, one of the mods on rage.love. Yeah a.nti.social is a bad one. If you want a possible blocklist we make ours public here: rage.love/about/more , as does weirder.earth, a large and well-regarded instance. weirder.earth/about/more you might find the weirder.earth list more helpful as a starter, since rage.love is one of the more restrictive instances and we have our own history on the fedi that led us to some of these blocks.

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