unity, pol adjacent, negative 

I don't want unity. I want respect, solidarity, understanding, conversation, courage, and accountability. Fuck unity.

unity, pol adjacent, negative 

@ljwrites I like this, expresses it better than I could. "Unity" seems to me like a meaningless, throwaway concept people are tossing about lately.

Trumpers and racists/bigots/terrible people in general should work on themselves first and foremost, and fixing their toxic behaviors, and then they can come to the table, ideally in good faith after that catharsis.

I don't have hardly any answers, though, and I'm just trying to learn and be a better person myself.


unity, pol adjacent, negative 

@greyor like a lot of concepts without much thought put into them, "unity" tends to follow the current of domination and evade accountability. It's important to pick apart what exactly lies behind the feel-good term, and more often than not it's not pretty.

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unity, pol adjacent, negative 

@ljwrites yeah, it seems like a bandaid at best. Unity sounds like forgiving the people who have been ruining the US for 4 (and probably more) years, and will likely continue to do so if left unchecked. I'm not on board with that. They have to earn any sort of benefit of the doubt in my book.

I'm optimistic for the future, but we have to actively work towards creating that future -- politicians won't save any of us.

thanks as always for offering thoughtful takes!

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