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While I am and will always be salty that white supremacist terrorists were allowed to hurt and even kill people with impunity until they crossed the line into the seat of the colonialist-settler government, I still do feel a certain glee at them literally crying out loud because they've been placed on no-fly lists. It was far too long in coming but how's that tiny taste of consequence, bitches? :blobcoffee:


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BIPOC: White supremacists are targeting and killing us
U.S. Government: Very fine people on both sides UwU
BIPOC: Police need to stop killing us with impunity
U.S. Government: Blue lives matter! 馃嚭馃嚫
White supremacists: Right we're going to storm the heart of government now
Police: And we're going to help them
U.S. Government: :pika_surprise:

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What happened was a surprise to the U.S. power structure not because they didn't know white terrorism was dangerous and the police were in on it. It was a shock because white supremacist terrorism was supposed to stick to *acceptable* targets while helpfully upholding the settler colonialism the country was founded on and runs on.

White terrorists broke this wink-and-nod pact when they turned their violence and intimidation to the wrong side. That's why the government is reacting now. That's why some semblance of consequence is lumbering into view. Not because the fash were destructive and violent, which they always were, but because they were expected to leverage violence in the service of the white supremacist government, not against it.

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Also it shouldn't escape anyone's notice that the fash broke the arrangement and turned on the U.S. government just when a) an openly white supremacist President lost, b) beaten by Obama's former Vice President (I mean let's make no bones about who people were really electing here), c) the incoming Vice President is a Black woman, and d) Black and Indigenous lawmakers including the first Black Senator in a Southern state were elected.

Does any of this make the settler-colonialist government any less racist and violent by itself? No, but it does demonstrate what the Capitol attack was about: A sustained backlash to the Obama administration and the very idea that power in the U.S. might become a smidgen less white. It really is 1898 all over again.

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"They want to cancel the President."

Love me some cancel culture where *checks notes* actions have consequences

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@ljwrites and yet every time I wake up, he remains mysteriously uncancelled and somehow still president

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@alpine_thistle I'm starting to think being "canceled" has less effect than a TV show cancellation 馃し鈥嶁檧锔

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