Websites should really give you an option where they let you through the adblock filter if you donate. I'd much prefer that to a recurring subscription that's a big pain to track down and cancel later on--and that's the point, of course.


Sites like LiveJournal trying to make a buck off content created by users who don't get to see any of the revenue can go fuck themselves, though.

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@ljwrites I feel like I inadvertently inspired this. I have it mirrored on Dreamwidth, if it's being a pain in the ass.

@hafnia bahaha you're correct! It's an irritation I've felt on other sites, but LJ scolding me to enable ads on their site was the last straw XD

@ljwrites haha, I thought so! Ugh, lj. I used it for a long-ass time before switching to Dreamwidth in like 2013...and it's still a pain. Sigh.

@hafnia Same ugh. I didn't have the heart to delete it all including post-move comments that weren't mirrored on DW, but it looks like I should have just pulled the plug back then. Now I'm kind of stuck and hoping the site dies a well-deserved death so I don't have to make the choice. Thank you for the link! <3

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