Shoutout to men who hate abusive and misogynistic men


gendered violence & abuse 

Violence against women is a men's issue, not a women's issue, as talks like this one aptly point out. Women and girls who suffer gendered violence did not do shit to "cause" it except existing in patriarchy--this is a men's issue and men need to be part of the solution. They can do that putting a check on other men's misogynistic actions, by not giving tacit or explicit support to abusers, and of course by standing in solidarity with women who fight against misogynistic violence. It gives me hope that more men are seeing why that's important, and that toxic masculinity is toxic to them as well.

And if you come into this thread with "what about abusive women" or "not all men" you earn an instablock lmao fuck off.

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gendered violence & abuse, gender 

In addition to women, of course, nonbinary people and trans men can also be targets of misogyny & gendered violence. The interaction of these experiences with gendered violence goes over my head as a cis woman and it's something I should educate myself on.

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