Reading this. As I understand it, dinosaurs were small beer during the Triassic, outclassed by bigger, more dominant competitors, like pseudosuchians and amphibians. Then Pangea split about 201 million years ago, venting vast amounts of magma and noxious gas, initiating catastrophic climate change and triggering the Tr-J extinction event. Dinosaurs fared better than other families, becoming dominant in the Jurassic. There's no consensus as to why.

It sorta stands to reason that dinosaurs' ascendancy has something to do with their adaptability in response to the Tr-J extinction event. But what, exactly? Did the changes to the climate suit their physiology better? Did the mass deaths of other species simply open niches that dinosaurs were then free to fill? There's a lot of room for speculation, but little definitive evidence on which to eliminate competing theories, AFAIK.

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@ljwrites No! One thing! Simple, comprehensible answers only!

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