Throw away the idea that good people don't have racist and antisemitic preconceptions. Saying "I'm not racist!" is a little like saying "I don't have air in my lungs." Racism is in the air we breathe. The morality doesn't come into whether we were indoctrinated with racist ideas or not, because we are and it's not a matter of choice. The morality is in how we deal with our indoctrination. Do we deny it and double down to become complicit, or face it and dismantle it?

We live with racist ideas and we will die with them. But we can try to do better instead of clinging to the idea that we are Good People who do not need to learn or change. That's just bullshit.

@ljwrites @rhiannonrevolts yep. My maternal grandparents were incredibly sweet, charming, lovely people but they were also racist AF in the insidious, “rarely make an overtly racist comment because of course everyone tacitly agrees with my world view” new england way. They’ve been gone for years but I still struggle to reconcile their sweetness with their ugliness

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon @rhiannonrevolts so many of my family and friends are implicitly and explicitly Islamophobic and antiblack while they can be incredibly sweet and caring. The ingroup-outgroup difference in morality is a trip.

@ljwrites @ItsTheManOnTheMoon As someone coming out of White Midwestern Protestant culture, I get this.

(Though my maternal grandparents have shifted considerably in their lifetimes, my father's side of the family is a lost cause.)


@rhiannonrevolts @ItsTheManOnTheMoon yeah I'm hoping I can at least get to the younger family members, like Tater's cousins on his daddy's side. Might not be easy because their grandma and mom are both pretty right-wing :/

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@ljwrites @ItsTheManOnTheMoon My cousin's had a lot of kids, and I really fear for them; her husband is the worst of the whole fam.

@rhiannonrevolts yeah, understandable :/ though who knows, sometimes these things have a way of working out. I was highly entertained by a mufo's accounts of her and her siblings ganging up on their racist parents 😂

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