The feeling of holding a woman's hand boost if you agree

Sadly my cave-troll strength got in my way and my friend chased me away because I was hurting her foot 😭 being used to giving my equally cave-troll husband foot rubs has ruined me

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@ArtistMarciaX my hands are so big and rough tho every time I take another femme's hand I marvel at how delicate and soft it is 😭

@ArtistMarciaX probably doesn't help that I am a troglodyte who hardly ever puts on hand cream but... why are girls *gestures helplessly*

@ljwrites my girlfriend is too ticklish :( I am not allowed to touch her fret usually

@datn well, sure. I've held a cis man's hand far more than women's hands by now though, and (cis) women's hands just feel different, so soft and small. I guess this is why I identify as bisexual and not pansexual, because while I'm attracted to different genders the nature of the attraction is very different by gender.

@ljwrites all I'm saying is widening the scope is advisable for "if you agree" posts

@datn I regrettably don't have the experience of holding a nonbinary person's hand, though I've felt attraction to a few I've met 😢 I'd rather leave that post to those who know what they're talking about.

@ljwrites I think we're talking past each other. all good tho.

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