genocide & hate speech 

"As part of a dynamic of genocide,
hate speech will often be a first stage in a process of identifying a community as the ‘other’; in order to establish violence directed to a specific target as acceptable within a community, it is necessary to begin a process of identifying that target as not being protected by the usual social rules of behaviour."
- Chris Chapman, The role of hate speech and hate crime in the escalation of identity conflict (pdf link)

This is why you do not ever give an inch on hateful speech. It is not "fun" or "harmless," nor is it about "free speech." It is a testing of the waters, a rattling of the locks to see how far they can go, then farther, and farther. Don't give bigots your tacit agreement that you value their company more than the safety of marginalized groups. They acted against the basic rules of social behavior. Treat them like it.

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Disallowing hate speech on your platform does not detract from bigots' freedom of speech. Not one whit. They can keep spewing their miserable hateful bile all they like, they just don't get to spew it on you. No, deplatforming is a freedom of association issue and the question becomes, why do you choose to exercise your freedom to associate with bigots? Why are you so dead set on providing them with a platform?

Bigots have deliberately distorted "free speech" into "entitlement to a platform." Don't give into that frame. They are not entitled to your company, they are not entitled to your platform, they are not entitled to the respectability and legitimacy you provide them by letting their actions slide because "freeze peach! :blobsadreach: 🍑 ❄️ ". They are just entitled shits and if you want to treat them like normal members of community then well, that's on you.

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Being civil about hate speech is an oxymoron because hate speech is itself incivil. Those who deliberately seek to break and corrupt the rules of civility have no claim to being treated by the rules of civility.

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@ljwrites I like to argue that even without hatespeech, that interpretation of "free speech" as being entitled to having a platform is nonsensical.

If it's not hatespeech people are digging through due to a lack of curation, it's noise. An uncurated platform is useless at best!

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