Re my post I boosted, I can't help but notice how much more suitable the indigenous peoples' dress is for the weather as opposed to the settlers. I mean I'm sure it's cooler up in Brasilia compared to the Amazonia basin (I hope the protesters weren't cold!), but the settler cops still look way overdressed. And there's not a single reason for them to dress like that except it's what Europeans and Euro-descended cultures have deemed to be decent and functional.

Fashion is just one of the many ways colonialism forces the adoption of customs that are maladapted to local conditions, but it is visible and emblematic. The British made their Indian subjects wear wool to turn it into a market for their wool products. Wool. In India. One would scream with laughter at the absurdity of it, except wool suits are still considered the height of class around the world despite the fact that it is highly unsuited (sorry) to most climates. Most of the world's population doesn't live in a cool Western European climate, but men are still supposed to fit themselves into boxy wool outfits in order to be taken seriously? What kind of sense does that make?

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Colonial conditioning has tricked us into thinking it is "savage" to wear less clothing than what colonial Europe has deemed to be decent, and "backward" to wear more, as in the case of robes and head coverings. This, like colonialism itself, is a lie. It's practical to wear minimal clothing in very hot and humid weather, while coverings provide protection and comfort in hot, dry weather with sun and sand. European ways are not suited to all conditions, and European senses are not the pinnacle of beauty and morality.

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Ok so maybe the protesters were a *little* cold 😂 Much respect for their commitment.

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