It sickens me that some of the biggest media figures in and are alt-right or adjacent, making these spaces actively hostile to the groups already excluded from tech and making young people in particular easy to target with hateful rhetoric.


When people lost their shit over Code of Conducts I knew the problem was serious. This is winnable. We can make our open-source projects explicitly inclusive spaces.


@zzz that definitely needs to happen, but in the meantime all I'm seeing on Linux YouTube are white dudes clutching their frozen peaches and ranting about how wrong it is to stop using master/slave language in computing and. I just.

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I mean if people want to make response videos to the ignorance that's a strategy, but the open source community I think is still mainly steered in the mailing lists and that's where I believe the real effort needs to go.

Not that the mailing lists are any less toxic or tedious.

@zzz That's a good direction to go, but I don't think you can ignore YouTube either. When a curious 15 year old who wants to fuck around on their computer Googles for Linux tips, they're not going to get hits on the kernel development mailing list. They're going to get one of these gross guys talking at them about the purity of free software and cancel culture run amok.

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