cultural appropriation take by a non-immigrant 

Center cultural appropriation debates on racialized people's experiences, not white people's wrongdoing.

who is cultural appropriation about? 

To me, at least, the issue isn't whether it's right or wrong for a white high schooler to wear a qipao to prom--that's beside the point, and once again centers white people in the debate, even as a negative. To me the point is whether a Chinese-American student would feel similarly comfortable wearing a qipao to her prom--whether she can do so proudly and happily without fear of racist and misogynistic harassment, of being further othered and stereotyped. I don't begrudge a white student wearing and enjoying a qipao as long as she's not being gross about it, but what does it say if a white girl wearing a qipao can be a media celebrity while students of Chinese descent wouldn't feel safe and comfortable showing their own heritage?

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cultural appropriation take by a non-immigrant 

@ljwrites honestly that take is why I don’t have dreads anymore. I never meant to hurt anybody by having them, but learning about how having them affected other people made me decide to cut them off. I think people respond to hearing about the experience other people are having and make the right decision when they can hear that pain and empathize with it.

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