I really feel the discussion on how Vim's true power lies in creating these weird little functions to suit your specific needs. My use-case was a script rather than a macro, but it was still this set of repetitive actions super-specific that project that I bound to keys in order to make my job easier. At the time I knew little Vim and no Vimscript, but still used both because they things at a level of simplicity that no other editor I could pick up at short notice could.

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@ljwrites This was great to read. I lol'd at:

Do you know what Pico stands for? It’s an acronym for “Don’t Know How To Use Vi”.

@cadence @freedcreative I had to look up what Pico was and I see that it's basically Nano's clone parent. For my money, if anything, Nano was even harder than Vim? They were even nice enough to have the shortcut keys right along the bottom and I still couldn't edit my way out of a paper bag 😭

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