Half of a Yellow Sun, Miss Adebayo, Yoruba portrayals 

Maybe I'm just biased in favor of Yoruba women but I like Miss Adebayo more than Olanna :blobpeek:

In both Okorafor's and Adichie's books Yoruba characters come across as *the coolest,* very brash and self-assured, even when the main characters are Igbo.

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Tangent on Hollywood casting, body type 

@ljwrites Casting Viola Davis and Cynthia Addai-Robinson as Amanda Waller in The Suicide Squad and Arrow, respectively, is especially egregious in this regard. The comic character is nicknamed "The Wall" in part because of her physically imposing stature. So it's not just how she's drawn, it's an important part of her character definition.

(Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher was also bad, but it's different when talking about cis men.)

I'm gonna be offering free advice and support for questions related to linux, FLOSS and online privacy from now on.
Are you considering switching to a linux OS? Are you looking for alternatives to your proprietary software and hardware? Do you need to know how to do X thing in your new OS/software? Do you want to know if Y thing is even possible with linux? Hit me up. Public or DM, either is fine

I actually did not know Thandie Newton and Anika Noni Rose were born in the same year (they play twin sisters omg!!), probably comes from having watched movies they were each in a decade apart.

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Half of a Yellow Sun, this romance 

So basically their first meeting went like,

Him: *Tells off a racist ticket seller*
Her: Damn, how soon can I ditch my current boyfriend?

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shoutout to all the people who thought they were chill but are discovering they're just bad at asserting boundaries

Thandie's playing Olanna in the movie, as I suspected! I wish the actress were a fat woman because that's how Olanna is described in the book, but Hollywood makes that nearly impossible and anyway she's a superb actress.

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Half of a Yellow Sun, sir 

"Odenigbo will always be my name. *Sir* is arbitrary. You could be the *sir* tomorrow."

Foreshadowing? 👀

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Half of a Yellow Sun, Mungo 

"Ugwu wished that this person called Mungo Park had not offended Master so much."

Oh don't we all, Ugwu.

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If you didn't think I'd argue with fictional characters in my head (and social media) while reading a novel, well, now you know better.

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Half of a Yellow Sun, education & privilege 

Wow this Master is very well-meaning but also oblivious as hell. He thinks a farmer whose crop failed should have gone into DEBT to educate his son, the first of many? How about he push for universal free education if he feels so strongly about this?

I guess we now know at least part of his motivation for taking in a houseboy, to educate a student--or to put it less kindly, a stooge.

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Half of a Yellow Sun, Igbo 

Searching an Igbo dictionary in the hopes of understanding the brief Igbo phrases in the lines

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Half of a Yellow Sun, Mercator Projection 

We have anti-colonialist map critique in the house! 🙌

Not only did the colonizers put North on top, they made their lands grossly bigger in proportion to Africa and the "Global South."

See a representation closer to actual landmass proportions, if you are prepared to be briefly terrified: popularmechanics.com/technolog

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Half of a Yellow Sun, John Boyega, age ment, death joke 

Shit wasn't John like 20 when he did this movie

I will fall over dead for strictly non-sexual reasons

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Half of a Yellow Sun, John Boyega, fangirling, death joke 

Omg John Boyega plays Ugwu in the film I'm going to fall over dead while watching omg omg

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Half of a Yellow Sun, early character thoughts 

The Master at the University seems okay so far, actually interested in his houseboy's welfare and in teaching him even if in a very "I must improve my poor backward countrymen" kind of way. I can see Ugwu developing a strong attachment to him, and that relationship becoming fraught later on.

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Started reading 's and really enjoying it, the writing is so vivid and Ugwu's culture shock at the University portrayed so well.

Growing up thinking you're straight is apparently called "het lag".

, master from unceded land in Mount Isa, of so-called , performs an original score prelude to Timothy Constable's percussion piece "Suna"


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