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New instance, new ! I'm L.J., I love , & and post a lot about & these days. My interests are all over the place though, and the probably doesn't help. So happy to be here and thanks to the r.l. mods for letting me join 💜

Emoji request to make fedi more accessible and friendly 

Something that came out of last night's conversations is that some people might benefit from an emoji that acknowledges their image isn't described and invites help from someone else in adding one.

I can't make emojis, but I thought something like this little icon that shows up in the corner when you upload an image (turns blue once you've added a description) might make a good one. Open to suggestions/volunteers though!


long ago, all matter existed in a hot, dense state. then everything changed when the fire nation attacked

@ljwrites @CornishRepublicanArmy "in 476 the largest empire in the world disappeared without a trace...then they disappeared again in 1453..."

@ljwrites sjdhfkjh it took me like ten years to find this bc all the popular vim dark themes r either ugly or have bad color contrasts but this is a pastel purple dark theme and i love it

also i love your pink theme too!!!!!

work -, food 

Too upset and busy to eat -> Not eating makes me more upset -> Repeat

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work - 

Why do the last 13 entries feel harder than the preceding 380? Fuck I'll never forgive my client for pushing me to accept this kind of workload, or myself for rolling over despite protests. I'm just full of hate and skipping lunch probably has something to do with it.

staying up late is fun because it's one of the few ways to continually, passively, but intentionally make a bad decision

Just switched from Tutanota to (thnx for the tip @sir). Initially the old-school style site put me off, but my impression was wrong and so far I'm really pleased. Domain setup instructions were crystal clear (unlike, setup was fast & smooth, and integration with Thunderbird & K9-mail painless.

Now I can back up my emails locally, integrate with Nextcloud so I have calendar email notifications (can finally dump Google calendar) and can send large files via my own storage.

work -, local agency & global system 

That's not to say the actors involved here are completely helpless, I know they're talking the talk in these official reports and after they get some of that white money they might well make positive change with it, undoing some of the damage (a lot of it will be frittered away in corruption, of course, because that's the nature of international aid). The futility I'm feeling is on a systemic level, that maybe we're patching holes here and there by doing financial needs assessment and awareness raising and capacity enhancement and whatnot but as long as the global economic system of incentives go on like they do, the trajectory won't change and we are, at best, putting off the inevitable.

Idk. Maybe I'm overthinking it, it's pretty obvious that huge changes are needed but also that such fundamental changes, enforced too quickly, will cause mass disorder and death. I certainly can't say for sure what those changes should be, and a lot of the people who can say for sure propose terrifying things. Maybe earning time as we figure things out is worth it, but all this perky neoliberal rhetoric just...grates.

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work -, colonialism & racism thoughts 

A big part of the difficulty I'm having with the current gig is that it's both too much and too boring at the same time, but I also can't ignore the sense of sheer frustration I feel every time I look at one of these mind-numbingly repetitive national reports.

The very same cultures that created and propagated the social and material technologies that are now threatening our survival claim to be the one with the answers to the problems they created; meanwhile, the cultures that were living in more or less environmentally stable ways, and at any rate whose mismanagement never rose to the level of existentially threatening the entirety of humanity and millions of species globally, are now made to follow European technocratic solutions. It's so ass-backwards and obviously futile, and so fucking exhausting to have to read & organize 200 of these, over and over AND OVER knowing it won't solve anything.

Today marks three years of the partner putting up with my nonsense.

He leaned over the sofa and hissed at me, then said, "that's the special hiss, that's the three year hiss"

so, you know, I think he's the one

@activationfxn yeeeep. the cultural conception of abusive people being overtly loud, rude, aggressive or mean is social gaslighting meant to silence victims or threaten them into compliance because who will believe someone acting out, lashing out, getting loud or hysterical with someone that looks calm, quiet, and polite?

All national anthems are technically country music

I get incredibly nervous when people equate "rudeness" or "assertiveness" with "abuse"

"politeness" is used for abuse all the fucking time

@ljwrites (in case of desire to retch, here is one of the photos from ABC News, cw for fucking pigs & genocidal coloniser statue)

Software upgrades are just another way to implement the planned obsolescence of hardware.

@ljwrites shit did you see the photos from Sydney of literally 30 riot cops standing shoulder to shoulder around the Cook statue in Hyde Park during the two recent BLM protests? fuckn gross

@ljwrites (These toots applying 1000% also to Australian Aboriginal & Torres Strait indigenous peoples)

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