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New instance, new ! I'm L.J., I love , & and post a lot about & these days. My interests are all over the place though, and the probably doesn't help. So happy to be here and thanks to the r.l. mods for letting me join 💜

Interestingly, 朔氣 means "cold air" but it can also mean a coldness felt from being sick--something I'm sure quite a few soldiers on the Northern front succumbed to.

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Okay so at least the modern Chinese translation has a footnote explaining that 可汗 means a prince of the ancient Northwestern peoples, but I'm so dissatisfied with that explanation for a number of reasons lol.

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Is there a way to tell #Firefox that no, I do not want it to set this new profile I created, without all the wonderful privacy settings and add-ons, as default?
I have to create empty profiles every so often because otherwise audio captcha just refuses to work, but then if I forget to delete them, I'll be all confused when I open the browser the next day and my home page doesn't show up.
Any about:config tweaks you can share, please?

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I prefer to represent my thoughts as something other than the ratio of two integers

@ljwrites rational thinker, is that when you "only have a small ration of thinking available during the day" right ?

As colonialism is a homogenizing force, must be heterogeneous. There can be no single mode of decoloniality; that would be a contradiction in terms, because decoloniality must refocus the local and subjective contexts that colonialism has done so much to marginalize and attempt to wipe out.

je cherche les bons podcasts de musique expérimentale. Quest-ce que vous reccomendez?

@ljwrites I've read about it recently too, language foreign to the person describing them being described as like bird noises. Here's an example of a Mosul dialect of Arabic

It links to a longer discussion of the Chinese use of this too (as well as Russian, Persian, Tibetan, even English):

that's me on a scooter
that's me on a push. bike.
reducing my emissions

re: long linguistic ramblings, shared features 

@ljwrites [Caveats: I work on historical reconstructions, and I've even worked on Japanese, Korean, and Turkic languages, including a bit of historical stuff, but not on the reconstruction side.

Side note: all references to 'genetic' below are about linguistic relationships. Closer DNA-type genetic relations surely exist between Central Asian and Korean, Japanese speakers - but this is orthogonal to linguistic relations.]

The problem is that shared grammatical features turn out to be pretty bad in terms of establishing genetic relationship.

So, e.g. we know that Sinhala is an Indo-Aryan language, but it's been in close contact with Dravidian over 2000 years. And, Sinhala has a number of grammatical features (e.g. a nominalising cleft construction, wide-spread use of Quantifier Particles [on which, see more below]) which don't exist in any other Indo-Aryan languages (except closely related Dhivehi) or in Indo-European more generally, but which do exist in Dravidian languages.

This is just one instance of the fact that contact between languages, whether they're related or not, very frequently leads to prominent shared features.

'Worse', since we also share the same 'wetware', not infrequently languages which aren't related (or at least aren't closely related) and aren't in contact can end up developing some similar features. And the Quantifier Particles which we see in Dravidian and which end up developing in Sinhala are very similar, in terms of their grammatical use, to what we see in the Japanese particles _ka_ and _mo_.

And even if it were to turn out that Indo-European, Dravidian, and Japonic were ultimately related, this apparent 'shared feature' of Quantifier Particles would be irrelevant, since it's clear that Sinhala developed these particles later on (nothing of the sort exists in Sanskrit).

Unfortunately, we don't have direct evidence for either Korean or Japanese before around the 8th-century, which makes finding clear evidence of a genetic relation (if one does exist) much harder. If we only had evidence of English and Sinhala from ca. 6th-c. onwards, we wouldn't be able to establish these as related either - it's only because of vast evidence from attested earlier stages which enables this.

So, while in the 'historical' periods of Japanese and Korean, there has actually been more contact with Han China, the period in question here is actually a pre-historic one. Even if Japanese and Korean are, in fact, related, they likely also were in extensive contact also at a later period, and some of their shared features likely are related to this period regardless of their genetic relationship.

None of this establishes that they aren't related. And, indeed, there's no way of proving that two languages aren't related. It's all about coming up with enough evidence as to make genetic relation inescapable. But in general the evidence so far for Japonic & Koreanic hasn't reached the level that many linguists accept it. Altaic is in an even worse position.

Of course, even with existing evidence, in theory someone could end up coming up with a more persuasive argument for genetic relationships. Or, other linguistic evidence could come to light which would dramatically shift the picture.

Between The Reading Room and the Black Marxism study group I'm in, the last few weeks have been really intellectually stimulating 🤓 I've missed this feeling.

lowtechmag, forest / biomass

(tangentially I know so little about what trees have what properties, etc.)


Just as a quick update, I think I'm going to roll my own thing. As the org-gcal file is like 700 lines and not doing it for me.

Also this page seems to be the cleanest way to get oauth creds

Other Library workers around here wanting to complain about how bad #OCLC / #WorldCat is for developers wanting to use an API? Maybe it has to do with me being new to using APIs, but the complexity of access, the information scattered on different pages, the erroneous and incomplete documentation and the malformed JSON data... arghhhhh 😩😩😩😩

kidposting, shots... by proxy? 

He even cried when I was getting MY flu shot last year, like followed me into the injection room to stand there crying, like kiddo?! Why??

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