Gotta love cycling through the english I do know, the german I took 2 years of but barely know, and the japanese I've tried to learn in patches over the years but is basically nonexistent, in order to finally get to the esperanto that I moderately know. If ever I learn more than two languages in full I swear everyone will be confused as I speak several languages in one sentence forgetting it doesn't work that way.

I wish my fav Fire Emblem class, the summoner, was in more than a single game.

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What if, hear me out, we get medical supplies around by funding the USPS properly and giving them the ability to actually do the job they were meant to. While we're at it. Just throw a couple trillion at them, congress can do it to the banks so we know they can afford it. Just give them money, let the workers take over and create a better system than any bureaucrat, and boom. A worker controlled USPS would change the game. I say, let amazon burn.

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Addendum to my earlier post. If I figured out how to stream my my ootp21 simulated games to twitch, would anyone watch?

No, I didn't mean to go from talking about cults to talking about revolution. This is just how my brain is!

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And of course it gets even worse when we consider things like billionaires and landlords. I mean I don't like the idea of killing people but like, billionaires are standing on such a level of privilege that cutting them down through kindness is basically impossible to do. There is a good chance that to handle that it will require violence and probably deadly. But while we're doing that we need to remember these are people with circumstances beyond their control. Yes they are hurting people on such an extreme scale but it is a product of their circumstances.

So violence is acceptable in revolution but we can't just be care-free about it. We do have to recognize the weight of our actions. Otherwise that violence is based in power and not compassion and I don't know if that will lead anywhere good.

Maybe I'm being dumb with all of this but it's how I feel.

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And treating leaders as bad is fair but it always seems to come with the tag of "crazy" which isn't fair to people who are neurodivergent and often lumped into that grouping as well. A cult leader that hurts people is a bad person, yes, but there's more too it than them being "crazy."

Actually that's just something difficult to handle about "bad people" in general is that they aren't monsters. There are things likely out of their control that led to that. Does that make their actions good, no, but it's important to recognize.

Especially if we truly want freedom cause if we want freedom we can't just handle things with prisons. So how are we going to handle people who are so far gone we can't rehabilitate them? Locking them away is inhumane so how? These are the kinds of things we need to think about.

I'm all over the place. Point is sorting people into a catagory of pure evil isn't right. And that's something I struggle a LOT with. Black and white thinking. But we do need to try and be more loving and kind in how we handle these issues which is hard.

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I find it frustrating how cults in media and general conversation are spoken of as these evil groups of mindless people. I get it. It's less frightening to think these people are mindless monsters. The truth is, they are people just like us. They have wants and needs and worries and loved ones.

It's easy to forget that because we like to think, "That could never be me." But there are so many ways in which cult leaders take control. There are many ways to take advantage of human behavior. Even if you know those it's still possible for someone to take advantage of those and that's scary. Knowing you could also end up as a member of that scary cult.

That's what makes suicide cults so scary is that those are people, just like us. I mean I forget which cult it is I think Jonestown but you can find the videos the people made before suicide and it's just so, normal. Which makes is so much scarier. These people are about to die.

Not sure what I'm trying to say here just, cults aren't good but they do consist of real people with real lives and recognizing that is scary but so important cause it is so terrible when we treat people who were manipulated into something as simple monsters.

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Riiiggght that's just how my brain works. Hooray for literally everything making me anxious! Well I'm still happy to be here.

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Why does joining a new instance make me so freaking anxious?


I'm Deirdre. Not sure what all due say since I'm tired but the important thing is I'm genderfae and my pronouns are fae/faer. I'm mostly here to share art and stuff. Still getting better as an artist but that's fine. You all seem great so yeah! Nyaa! UwU I also have a lewd account elsewhere but you can just find that in my profile if you really want that.

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