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tonight i explained to my 3 year old why "the police arrest Bad People" (a sentence uttered in one episode of a toddler show she watches) is incorrect in an age-appropriate way.

i feel immense relief about this because i can't maintain my integrity if i allow my kid to develop the idea that cops and rules are inherently good.

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When right-wing people say that there should be no “safe spaces”, what they are actually saying is that there should be no place free of right-wing propaganda.

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how to teach white kids that cops aren't good part 2 of ? 

good groundwork:

don't teach your kid obedience to authority. teach your kid to question you, and treat them like you value their developing reasoning skills. admit when you are wrong. regularly apologize to your child when you are wrong. you can't teach a kid that cops aren't good if you act like a cop.

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another niche the #fediverse should target more imho is fan communities.
#amino might be worth cloning? i think a lot of people would like to have better moderation tools and to determine their own rules.
maybe this is doable with some existing fedi software?

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re: fediverse privacy, the future, surveillance, bad actors, negative, long 

@Drew also, here's some info on what monsterfork has for privacy protection

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fediverse privacy, the future, surveillance, bad actors, negative, long 

fediverse software isn't prepared to exist long term with how leaky and unsafe it is. we know that uncaring and sometimes actively hostile project leads won't push the building of tools that are resistant to data scraping, the 'fascists just setup another instance after we blocked their last one that we're now all federating with' problem, and so many other issues

and i have no doubt that states and corporations are running silent nodes to collect data. it's more likely than not that they'd want to get in on the protocol we're using to avoid twitter, especially with twitter straight up talking 'embrace extend extinguish" now

mainline PeerTube won't fight it, mainline mastodon won't fight it, mainline pleroma won't fight it, and so many other will follow suit

if you know projects and forks working towards better fedi software and have the means to support them, they're so much more deserving of it than the others

If anyone on here works at wikimedia, I have a super cheeky question to ask

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abortion study, ages 16-26 

Study url:

This researcher is actually my metamour so I can attest that she is careful and attentive and a part of the community she's studying.

The $50 will be in the form of one Amazon gift card or two $25 Barnes & Noble ones.


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let me put it in a language you can understand 

it's been

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and it does it without letting the person running the script know, no echo "we are changing your system's IP version preference BTW"

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anyway, I really need to do that cover letter, see ya

positive vague toot 

The fediverse is my front page to the internet.

The rest doesn't even come close.
I probably didn't read the news, tech news etc. for 4 weeks now.
Email+fedi has me covered for all my interaction these day.

I got you and that is far more interesting/rewarding/enlightning/humbling and million time more hilarious.

screen reader unfriendly 

:parastat_trans: aster
:parastat_enby: han
:parastat: sual

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there is no such thing that express "je connais" at the end of a sentence in french in the english langague, culturally.

And this is sad

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If anyone in knows a fair bit about I would be really really keen to borrow 30 minutes of your time.

I can pay you in drinks, stickers, chocolates, or I can pay it forward by spending time using that knowledge for the community.

Boost ok, replies welcome, DM open

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