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@maloki @pfx Who knows for how long *dramatic music*

@popstar my parner is like that, but she rarely naps (which I am sad about cause that mens she reliably is in bed when my brain is in full spin)

@popstar why would you choose not to stay in bed ?
or have a coffee and go back to sleep straight away

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A more realistic "feed the baby" emoji.

I'm uploading the svg when I'm not tired, and I don't need kids to be 💤 I'm a professional 😴

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If anyone wants to listen to an audiobook of Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher, someone just released one:

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"Using the same polythetic classification techniques as pathological social media use studies, we were able to classify 69% of our sample as addicted to spending time with their friends."

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anyone got any favorite free language-learning resources other than duolingo?

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I was reading this and I'm not sure how to say it, but the whole article is based on some shit idea that IQ and dislexia should or shouldn't be linked.

Then correctly point out that dislexia is just difficulties to read or write.
Then goes on about how dislexia is bollocks and then how we should just help people that cannot read and write the same.

Is this what journalism is about?

Could they not write "we only help and diagnose well off kids with dislexia in the past, time to diagnose and help eveeryeon thet needs help"?

No? too hard?

I couldn't read until the end

@pfx that would explain why I keep talking about my lack of hair at the top of my head

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What kind of dickbag edgelord sets up a parody instance around Salesforce?

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brazil, indigenous genocide, imperialist atrocities 

since watching Apiyemiyekî? the other day i've been reading about what went on in the amazon under the dictatorship in brazil, including the use of napalm on the Waimiri Atroari

and the fact that this was still going on into the 80s, when i was born, and there was absolutely *zero* consciousness of it

additional cw for horrific images in the document

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@kyzh @pfx

PS: You're both child molesters. And I've said it so no take backs and you can't give a defense. Sorry I decided based on your avatars. Hope that's cool!

@JackMeinoff @pfx wrong it is afternoon here (also I just told you to fuck off to start with).

Do let me know if you want me to follow up with a cancelation

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@kyzh got it, just a typical troll harasser, likely a Trump voter because you gaslight and run. This makes me so sad for humanity. Have fun browsing Mastodon for child porn or whatever you do in your free time.

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here on the left we take the time to learn and understand people - join us, leave the hatred you hold so dearly behind. ❤️

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wow - you're a bad self arbiter of hate because you don't even know what you're looking at.

It's called parody and humor. If I painted a Hitler mustache on George Bush would that make me a Nazi or just someone who painted a mustache on a guy as a form of a statement...

You're being the edge lord here. I just wanted to follow cool people. Obv not you. Stop giving demands, you're being a big baby over something you just didn't understand. And you're abusive - almost a nazi.

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