dunking on mastodon.social 

Window grafitti or how to make people uncomfortable without doing anything illegal

yearly corn production 

welp it is 11 am and I have done nothing that I was suppose to do in the household.

Where is my stool and blue hat

that Jamey stegmaier book 

Out of thread, screenshot without descriton to remind me to check it out on a desktop

farage's face, milk 

lewd, genitalia, penis visible (not mine tho) 

conspiracy theory, strong language, maybe funny 

co-ops (small wtf) 

last of tomato harvest 

bean harvest, help! (boost ok) 

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The Rage We have enough of all the systematic bias that destroy lives. We had enough of the patriarchy. We had enough of the colonialism and the racism. We had enough of the capitalistic system. No TERF, no SWERF, no Nazi, no Centrist The Love We care for each other We care for the living We care for the land