So if I am going to scotland, I need to get my own tartran right ?

joke, mention of debt and pademic 

where I come from we know not to listen to the trickeries of a woodland korrigan


Not really Lewd, but you'll think of it this way.

Plumbing, radiators, help welcome 

Can I bleed or do something to that bit of the radiator?

The actual dial for amount of heat is on the other side of the radiator.
The pipe is hot coming to the side pictured, but not coming to the dial side.

Yeah I totally wonder why it didnt fix the puncture issue.
Anyway, I got a new one in, so here is a picture of the old one

Video game I guess 

A master system 2, so the round model, not the angular one with the card port.
It has alexx kidd inside the console.
The price is £90.

Tomato / food 

Time to make some tomato sauce again.
The pot is too smal grrrrrr

Genuine question 

Who is this bloke?
CW: horse, sword

shitpost, tech and gender 

Wow, Atlassian is says trans right!

upset at google, security 

upset at the vague google security pop up.

It could be clear like "this username and password has been found in a data breach. You may have reused this password and username combination elsewhere, please take the time to change it everewhere you are using it, including <URL here>"

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