fediblock, boost OK 

so, the same person that had www.canberrasocial moved to toot.canberrasocial.net

And is now vaguely threatening someone of slandering them

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Thoughts by the sea side 

As I come back to the sea, it feels like nothing changes much.
Timescale dont seem to matter to the sea.

Easy to feel at ease.
Easy to forget everything else.

Hard to think about the future being a bad thing.
The sea will still be there in the future.

Yet around the sea it is different.
Nature is slowly hidding and breaking down the past, growing where it wasnt meant to.

As these relic disapear, it feels so calm, too calm maybe.


So, here we have a bingo "All lives matter" + "free speach" + "systematic racism doesn't exist in the US/AU"


Gardening, ~ 

Another leave, from a different tree

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Gardening, ~ 

So I had a look at this grape and it doesnt look very healthy.
A few leaves have rust mark.
The grapes themselves have got rotten berries all over like on the photo bellow.

The plan was to spray copper, but I wonder if it will help.

No caption because I did them and then the internet ate them and I wrote so much, now I cannot be bothered.
Green and brown is the theme

fediblock, boost ok 

So, we have blocked social.beepboop.ga and yggdrasil.social for being the worse in every possible way.

That stypey guy for antiblackness and probably the whole social.nzoss.nz in a moment because their admin is picky in their follower but somehow follows gab.com people and yet go on reccord to say

"We at the Open Source Society were heavily involved in that process to get the software exclusion which we see as absolutely crucial."

nazi suporter 

There is no problem in open source.
No no no, it is just a coincidence.

Well done Dave Lane, you are a real role model in open source

Elwlectronic crime 

Do I put some of that soldering thing on the wires i twisted?
Or I just isolate them now?

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