gab, soapbox, fediblock 

Why do I block anything using soapbox (the full thing, or just the FE).

"Mastodon and Gab, for laying the groundwork for this to happen. Could not have done it without you."


So yeah, I will anything that uses that piece of software


If you were to eat sauce on camera, at least make it a good sauce :pinched_fingers:

oh yeah, track and trace, the whole "we will tell you about your parcel, once you have you parcel".
That's useful

Book recomendation, slighrly long 

So, if you are living in the UK, and havent read any book about anti racism in the uk context, here is a book for you:
Why I'm no longer talking to white people about race - by Reni Eddo-Lodge

It is easy to read, the big words are the one the author are explaining (it took me, a dislexic non native speakers 2 days, while also having a life, to read).

It has statistic, that will make you understand the scale of the structural racism (maybe it is just me, but numbers help my understanding).

It is firmly into the reality of now, yet bringing the how and why we got to now, in a UK context without a history leasson, but buy drawing specific pieces of info into light.

It is cheap at £8.99 (well it is also buy one get one 1/2 price or 4 for 3)

It is about structural racism, and will explain to you the concept.
If you dont know what that is, or have a vague idea, this book is great.

Hopefully, this book should help you talk to your white friends about race, class, gender and articulate yourself well.

If you already know all of that stuff, buy the book and leave it in places to have the discussion.

Not sure what you value a tenner for, but this book is worth more than a round at the local

Fruit ID 

Best guess is this is a passion fruit (had the very pretty blue flower)

Mutual aid 

Spoted this when around the loch ness
Found it pretty cool

Caps, fesilab 

Hahahhahaa the HN link is to the qoto guy havimg a stroke over it.
(I am in half, slaping my leg, as I laugh uncontrolably)

First kilo of tomatoes harvested, yes, they are really that red

Garden posting 

You leave the garden for 4 days and then, suddently all the tomatoes go red

Loch ness, capital letters 


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