want to automatically look through your follower?

Hahaha fuck you

Snapped this a few weeks back by the north side of brighton starion

Graffiti, train, real quick 420 in image 3 

long, glassdoor review 

cursed, UKpol 

@puffinus_puffinus do you have the latest version of tusky?
On the notification column, there is a filter 'button'.

You can use that to mitigate the problem until the noise dies down by untiking boost and fav.

french gab thread, pedo, nazi, kkk, homophobia etc. 

glindr.org, incels, screencap of bird site 

PR stunt, alcohol, ukpol, advertisment ? 

I have astrlng feeling I've lost all the picutures I was tryong to back up because its been lkke that for hours

I hate technology

linkedin shitpost 

Garlic posting 

Me in said suit.

Looking back at it, I still like it.
Still don't like the price tho

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The Rage We have enough of all the systematic bias that destroy lives. We had enough of the patriarchy. We had enough of the colonialism and the racism. We had enough of the capitalistic system. No TERF, no SWERF, no Nazi, no Centrist The Love We care for each other We care for the living We care for the land