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Why do I block anything using soapbox (the full thing, or just the FE).

"Mastodon and Gab, for laying the groundwork for this to happen. Could not have done it without you."


So yeah, I will anything that uses that piece of software

gab, soapbox, fediblock 

"Copying is an act of love" is from Nina Paley's copy heart.

is actually a transphobic person:



You can also find studies on how her previous work is basically cultural appropriation "Deconstructing Sita's Blues: Questions of Mis/representation, Cultural Property, and Feminist Critique in Nina Paley's Ramayana" bby Sharmila Lodhia

So yeah, great company to be in if you are soapbox I guess

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@kyzh oof. I used to follow this person on twitter, didn't know they're such a transphobe :(

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@kyzh Oh, but it's alex gleason anyway, you don't have to read farther

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@Tak I guess all those little things I point put do help people that are on the fence/not aware who he is

gab, soapbox, fediblock 

@Tak @kyzh oh didn't know that
of course it's him

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