data center aquisition 

So equinix aquired packet

(I didn't see it coming but again, I didn't pay attention because work uses AWS so it's been a while I gave equinix a thought)

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data center aquisition 

@kyzh good for them but also I expect this means that Packet's services will get even more expensive

(I've used Packet's services in the past)

data center aquisition 

@packetcat I was thinking about using them, but I didnt quite have the uae case.

I wonder if they are going for that top end of the market of cloud computing like equinix is usually the top end of the DC market (at least from my small experience).

Or maybe they are just going to roll out packet tech tech in all their DC to sell burstable and elastic workload for their customer (which must be leaving for AWS, google and azure by the minute).

I hope they will still do the free compute for open source software after the aquisition

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