Can anyone pls reply here with names of queer/PoC/kink friendly/sex-positive instances on Mastodon? Specifically with good lewd warnings and femme friendly :Casper_Bi: :QueerCat_Bi: :blob_bi_kiss:


@Drewbreez is it still something you want to get more opinion on? Can I boost it?

Long, instance recommandation 

@Drewbreez there are plenty of instance that are some of those things.

I am not sure there is one that is all of those things that you are not already on (pvs).
Myasstodon is potentially good, I wouldn't tell for the CW, you might have to check for yourself.

There is that is very well administrated.

There is a mostly french speaking instance called eldrich cafe (I think).
the background of racism from hp Lovecraft is not lost on the admin, so if you are OK with that as a theme it is probably ticking most of your boxes, probably not the PoC, but again, I am not there so worth looking for yourself.

There is quite a few more, but I am not sure of the name again.

Take all of what I said with a big pinch of salt because I am not directly looking for those criteria myself. (See my profile for full disclosure)

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